Kitchen Gifts

The Man Bowl

Its a dog bowl just for men. It looks just like a classic dog bowl but is actually a sturdy ceramic dish with the word ‘MAN’ on the side. Its large size accommodates even the largest serving of cereal or SpaghettiOs. Although, it...Read More..


Guitar Case Lunch Box

Carry your lunch like a true rock n roll star with this hardcore metal Guitar Case Lunch Box. This lunch box has the look of a legendary six-string-slingers well traveled guitar case which you can decorate with your favourite ban...Read More..

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Bacon Mints

Love bacon? Love mints? How about both together, yes? Well, may we present to you these mint tasting bacon flavoured mints. Yes they taste just as we described them. These great tasting mints have to be tried to be believed. Grea...Read More..

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Sinking Salt and Pepper Shakers

Add some spice to your tabletop with these salt and peppers shakers that look like they are sinking into the table. These crazy shakers are sure to create some interesting comments from your dinner guests. Makes ...Read More..


Titanic Ice Cube Trays

Ice ahead! Recreate history with the Titanic ice cube tray. The reusable mold allows you to make up to four icy Titanic replicas and four icebergs to cool your drinks down. Simply fill up with water and pop in th...Read More..


Simple Modern Water Bottles

These Simple Modern Water Bottles are double walled and vacuum insulated which will keep your favorite beverages hot or cold for hours.

They feature a double wall exterior with a va...Read More..

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Easy Melon Slicer

Easily slice and serve your watermelon to your guests in an instant. This slicer is designed to slice evenly each time. You can also cube your melon slices and have bite size melons to serve.

It is designed to slice through the botto...Read More..

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Chalkboard Coffee Mug

Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with a mug that can express anything you want to say at any moment.  With this chalkboard mug, you can write anything you want to say directly onto the mug with chalk like you would on a chalkboard. 

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Floppy Disk Coasters

These Floppy Disk Coasters look so real your family and friends will question if you've ditched present day technology for vintage 1.44 MB floppies. They each have individual familiar messages from the 90's printed on them incl...Read More..

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Taiyaki Fish Shaped Waffle Mold

Prepare taiyaki and waffles with this Taiyaki Fish Shaped Waffle Mold. Fill your taiyaki up with custard, chocolate, cheese, sweet potato or try an all-time classic with red bean paste.

Made with cast aluminium material this mold is ...Read More..

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Heat Changing Constellation Mug

Watch the constellations appear on this Heat Changing Constellation Mug as you fill this mug up with hot water. See if you can spot some famous constellations right on your coffee mug. This is a delightful way to bring the starry night to y...Read More..

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Aerating Wine Glasses

This set of two wine glasses is specially designed to aerate wine as you pour from the bottle into the glass.  When you pour, the wine is forced through strategically placed spouts in the center of the vessel that carefully streams the wine...Read More..

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Hot Dog Pattern Slicer

You can say good-bye to boring looking hot dogs with this Hot Dog Pattern Slicer. This slicer is so simple to use before grilling your dogs. Simple push the slicer into the sausage before cooking and toss the sausage on the BBQ. This tool d...Read More..

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Emoji Easter Eggs

Decorate your easter basket with these Emoji Easter Eggs. You will get everyone eggcited about an easter egg hunt with these fun and hilarious emoji eggs. They all come with funny familiar faces we are used to seeing in our texts except the...Read More..

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Computer Geek Mug

May we present the computer geek mug. Sometimes we go through so much trouble trying to fix our devices and seeking help from computer gurus when all we have to do is just turn it off and on again. This mug points out that duh moment that w...Read More..

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Gourmet BBQ Meat Spices

Enhance the flavors of your BBQ and take it to the next level with these Gourmet BBQ Meat Spices. These delicious handcrafted gourmet spice sets are perfect for every occasion!

Give the gift of flavor in five easy to use blends. This...Read More..

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Coffee Spoon and Bag Clip

Spoon the right amount of coffee and seal the bag afterwards with this ingenious coffee spoon and bag clip. When you are finished filling up the coffee, just clip the packet tightly closed with the same spoon.  

Coffee connoisseurs w...Read More..

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Cactus Candles

Decorate your home with these beautiful mini cacti candles.  They are unique and different and look like they are real plants.  This set comes with 6 different succulents with three different styles.  These tea lights will add beautiful eve...Read More..

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Anova Bluetooth Cooker

Cook your meats to perfection with this Anova precision cooker.  Just place your meat in a ziplock sealed bag and place it in a stock pot full of water and let the cooker do the rest.  Your meat will cook at a steady temperature all the way to...Read More..

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Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

For those honorable people out there who deserve the rank of Grill Sergeant, we present to you this handy Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron. Great for tailgating and poolside grilling, it holds all of your essential utensils even a 6-pack of beers.<...Read More..

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