About Odd Gifts

Odd Gifts is a specifically designed outlet that focuses on unusual geek gadgets, survival gear, outdoor unique products, odd kitchenware, pet gadgets, novelty items, and amazing product designs for men, women, children, and pets. Whether it's weird or wonderful, as long as the product is unique, odd and unusual - we'll find it, review it and list it.

Odd Gifts is the leading buyer's guide for unusual and unique gifts. With thousands of items covered, we are widely known for digging up the web for the coolest, weirdest and most amazing products available online. With new stuff posted every weekday, we have become one of the largest online unique gift destinations. Our dedicated readers usually visit multiple times per day to find cool stuff and to exercise their gift idea muscle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you actually carry products on OddGifts?
Yes. Here at Odd Gifts we do sell select high quality unique products as well as link you directly to products you can find on other websites like Amazon and many others. The goal is to find the most unusual products regardless of where they are.

Can you ship to my country?
We will ship anywhere in Continental United States for FREE. If the product is from our partners, you will need to click through to the store that is actually selling the product and check with them. Having said that, we aim to negotiate free shipping with our partners when possible.  

What is your return policy?
For products that ship from oddgifts.com directly, we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Can I send you information on my product or a product I found online to be listed on oddgifts.com?
We love hearing you out and getting tips on new products that we haven't seen. Please fill out our contact form, and we will feature it on our homepage; if not, we will let you know why.