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Sandwich Decruster and Sealer

Sandwich Decruster and Sealer

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Sandwich crust crumbs getting all over your keyboard again? Not to worry, this sandwich decruster and sealer is here to help! This nifty little invention quickly removes the crust from bread and seals the slices together so you can take your sandwich on the go without any crust or bits falling out of your sandwich. Bye bye crust crumbs.

This little device is great for both kids and adults and is perfect for making quick and easy lunches, or for impressing your friends with a gourmet-looking sandwich. It literally takes seconds to seal and decrust your sandwiches. So why wait? Get yourself one of these gadgets today and let this sandwich decruster do all the work for you!

- Remove crusts and seal sandwiches in seconds.

- Take the hassle out of cutting off the crusts for the kids sandwiches.

- Dishwasher safe, pop it straight into the dishwasher to keep things clean and simple.

- Non toxic and BPA free.

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