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Pineapple Napkin Holder Rings

Pineapple Napkin Holder Rings

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When we hear the word 'pineapple' we often think of that juicy, yellow, tropical, sweet tasting fruit, but did you know that pineapples actually ripen faster upside down? It's true! And while we aren't offering up any pineapples today, we do have these sassy pineapple napkin rings.

These eye catching napkin rings are sweet and tasty looking and would make a fine addition to any table setting. Plus they are so cute and quirky you had better count them at the end of the night to make sure those sneaky dinner guests didn't swipe them for themselves.

These napkin holders are made from high-quality metal alloy, and feature simulated pearls on the base of the pineapple with hand painted green foliage on top.

These pineapple napkin holders truly shine and sparkle beautifully in the light and add a breezy, sweet touch in any occasion.

- Beautiful pineapple design.
- Stunning gold color.
- Made from high-quality metal with simulated pearls.
- This includes 4 napkin holders.
- Napkin holders are 5 cms in height x 3 cms across.

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