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Mini Cake Pop Maker

Mini Cake Pop Maker

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Now you can bake cake pops and donut holes at home in minutes with this simple to use non-stick mini cake pop maker that even comes with its own delicious recipe book. This cake pop maker brings the tasty cake pop trend right into your own kitchen and lets you bake a batch of cake pops or donut holes in next to no time whenever the mood strikes.

Making scrumptious cake pops at home is a breeze with this handy kitchen gadget. All you need to do is pour in the batter, close the lid, bake for a few minutes and presto, you've got perfectly rounded heavenly cake pops. Then simply add your cake pop sticks and get decorating for perfect cake pops in no time!

Your cake pop recipe choices are endless; red velvet cake pops, vanilla, almond, cherry, lemon, chocolate, apple cider, maraschino, gingerbread - and that's just the cake itself. The real fun starts when you candy coat and frost them.

Plus you're not only limited to sweet cake pops you can also whip up savory cake pops in a flash as well. How about bacon cheddar bites, pizza bites, Swedish meatballs, hush puppies and more. You are only limited by your own imagination.

This must-have kitchen gadget is available as a 9 or 12 pop maker.

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