Homemade With Love Stickers

  • $12.99

These 'Homemade With Love' stickers are the perfect addition to stick onto your homemade and handmade goodies which will also bring a smile to anyone's face. Each roll contains 500 stickers and each sticker reads, 'Homemade With Love' in dark black ink with a cute-as-a-button red heart. If you enjoy making your own homemade products than these stickers are the finishing touch to your creations.

These stickers are made from real natural brown kraft material and truly add a wonderful personalized touch to your creations with a little bit of room to write on the top and bottom of each sticker if you want to handwrite a message or add descriptions for scents. They also work great to seal up those homemade items that you gift to people in a sealed or brown bag such as homemade soap or doggie treats.

These stickers are perfect for homemade candles, crafts, jellies and jam, salsa, baked goods, clothing, bath bombs or anything else that's home made.


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