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Cute Wooden Fox Figures

These cute-as-a-button fox figures are available in 2 styles; we have a white fox and a gray fox available. These look absolutely delightful in kids rooms but also make wonderful decor for around the house.

Made from solid wood these...Read More..

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White Rose LED Fairy Lights

White roses are often referred to as, 'the flower of light' which is quite appropriate for these stunning white rose LED fairy lights. These lights are available in 3 different lengths and each contain a combination of roses and leave folia...Read More..

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Astronaut and New Arrival Aquanaut USB LED Night Light

If you could choose to be an astronaut or aquanaut, which would you be? Tough decision, right?! Astronauts get to explore space but aquanauts get to explore the ocean depths. Either would be pretty cool, but since most of us won't get a cha...Read More..

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Optical Illusion Balancing Cone Cups

Optical illusions are generally a trick of the eye, but we can assure you, your eyes are not deceiving you here. These cups look like some type of illusion as if the cone shaped mug is somehow balancing its tip on the saucer. In fact, the s...Read More..

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Spectacular Rhinestone Peacock Keychain

Whether you like to call them peacocks or peafowls, the spectacular tail fan of the male species of peacocks are definitely one of Mother Natures most beautiful displays. The reason peacock feathers are so brilliant is because they contain ...Read More..

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Buildable Metal Scorpion DIY Kit

Real live scorpion spiders are scary enough with those pincers and all, but when we first clapped eyes on this unbelievable stainless steel metal scorpion, we just knew we had to get our hands on one. And we certainly weren't disappointed.<...Read More..

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Black Tears Crying Unicorn Candle

Any kind of tears are sad tears to see, unless they're tears of joy of course, but we can't help feel a little sad for this unicorn who can't stop crying black colored tears. Just like his rainbow friend who cries rai...Read More..

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Wooden Tassel Door Knob Hangers

Let's be honest, door handles get a serious lack of appreciation for what they do in everyone's household. We pull them, we grab them, but seldom do we stop to think about how handy they are to have around. So, we think it's about high time...Read More..

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Smiley Face Emoji Mat

People use emojis every single day in almost all their texts so why not bring some real-life emoji fun into your home with this smiley face emoji mat. Everyone has one or 2 favorite emojis they use time and time again and some of us even ha...Read More..

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Alien Xenomorph Bronze Figurine

Anyone who is familiar with the Alien franchise is well aware that the Alien itself is the perfect killing machine with its lobster-like exoskeleton, almost impenetrable to anything except the most powerful firearms.

Well, we can ass...Read More..

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Pineapple Napkin Holder Rings

When we hear the word 'pineapple' we often think of that juicy, yellow, tropical, sweet tasting fruit, but did you know that pineapples actually ripen faster upside down? It's true! And while we aren't offering up any pineapples today, we d...Read More..

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Fruit Shaped Candles

People recommend eating fruit every day for a healthy lifestyle but we certainly don't recommend eating these particular fruit varieties since they're made out of wax! These realistic fruit shaped candles look a...Read More..

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Pink Rose LED Fairy Lights Flower Garland

Pink roses are often a symbol of grace, elegance and happiness but pink roses have also been known as a great way to say 'thank you' to someone. So, why not say thank you to yourself with these spectacular pale pink rose fairy lights.

<...Read More..

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Glass Crystal Mini Octopus Figurine

Ahh the mighty octopus, most famous for having 8 arms and a huge, squishy bulbous head; but they also have blue blood and 3 hearts! So whether you love or loathe these alienesque creatures there's plenty to love about...Read More..

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Ant Brooch

Ants have colonised almost every land mass known to planet Earth so why not let them colonise your outfit as well?! These vintage inspired ant brooches are available as a black ant with white stripes and silver legs, or a brown ant with bla...Read More..

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Unisex Whale Bracelet for Men and Women

Whether it's those humpback, blue or killer whales you adore or anyone of the other many whale species out there in the deep blue sea, this unisex bracelet is the perfect addition to your wrist. Whales are extraordina...Read More..

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Rainbow Wool Felt Colorful Coasters

Rainbows are certainly an optical illusion of refraction and reflection but these rainbow coasters are definitely not a trick of the eye. Made from soft, luscious wool felt, these round shaped coasters are made up of multiple rainbow colors...Read More..

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Avengers Captain America Rug

Calling all Captain America fans! Wow, do we have a rug for you! This super thick and plush Avengers Captain America rug feels so plush under your feet it's sure to please the fussiest of the fussest! Captain America is the alter ego of Ste...Read More..

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Mini Jiji Black Cat Figure

Jiji is of course the sarcastic but loyal black cat from the classic anime film, Kiki's Delivery Service which this adorable figurine set has been modelled after. If you've ever wanted your own miniature version of Jiji, then this is the se...Read More..

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3D Peacock Tea or Coffee Cup with Saucer and Spoon

Add some bright feathery peacockness to your morning coffee with one of these spectacular 3D peacock mugs. Peacocks have long been adored for their stunning plumage and these coffee cups have been designed with a peacock's feather 'train' i...Read More..

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White Ceramic Rabbit Serving Dish

This very cute bunny serving dish is made up of 3 adorable white rabbits holding up a serving plate ready to offer you or your guests some tasty treats. Made from high quality ceramic, this delicious bunny plate is made up of 4 pieces, whic...Read More..

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