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Gourmet Popcorn Seasoning Kit

Turn your movie nights up a notch with this delicious gourmet popcorn seasoning kit which is bursting with incredible flavors. This appetizing hamper includes white gold corn kernels and the seasonings included are; sizzling spicy Sriracha,...Read More..

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1950s Payphone

This retro-chic 1950s fully functioning payphone features a rotary dial fashion plate but has push button technology for easy dialling plus it even includes an integrated coin bank. This payphone does have push button technology however the...Read More..

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Lego Roller Coaster

Build a sensational fully-functional Lego roller coaster complete with two trains, giant dips and even a cotton candy cart and ticket booth with this incredible fairground lego set. This thrilling roller coaster also ...Read More..

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Banana Slicer

Slice bananas faster, quicker and safer with this super handy banana slicer. This is a must-have gadget for every kitchen and is a thousand times faster and SAFER that using a sharp knife to slice your bananas.

This slicer slices thr...Read More..

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Tool Shaped Pens

These tool shaped pens are so very cool and look just like real actual tools. Take them to the office, put them in the garage, but wherever you put them be sure to keep an eye on them as they have a habit of going 'missing'. These pens are ...Read More..

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Dead Fred Pen Holder

Great for people with a sense of humor, this dead Fred pen holder makes a hilarious but gruesome statement when placed on any desk. Dead Fred will always keep your favorite pen close-by in one place as he's never going to wake up again. This m...Read More..

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Wooden Ferris Wheel Building Kit

The wooden ferris wheel building kit is the perfect toy for both adults and children alike and introduces your child to the world of STEM which is science, technology, engineering and math. This incredible kit is ready to go out of the box,...Read More..

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Squirrel Nut Bowl

This handcrafted squirrel nut bowl features a clever little squirrel balancing on the edge of a tree stump as he watches over his treasured collection of nuts. Fill this unique bowl up with your favorite nuts and it will definitely be a nut...Read More..

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Taco Man Wallet

The taco man wallet is like a mini organiser for your pocket putting all your bits and bobs in one place plus the tacos have magnificent mustaches to boot. This is a bi-fold wallet made from vegan leather. It fe...Read More..

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Ultimate Variety Food Gift Box

Everyone loves to receive food as a gift and we mean everyone - and this ultimate variety food gift box is jam packed with snacks, cookies, bars, chips and candy. This gift box contains 45 salty, sweet, savory and also healthy snacks that e...Read More..

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Rainbow Chopsticks

These reusable rainbow chopsticks are so stylish and lightweight they are a must-have item for anyone who loves using chopsticks. This set of 5 rounded stainless steel chopsticks look absolutely stunning and never lose their rainbow polish ...Read More..

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Star Wars Socks

The force will be on your feet whenever you wear these officially licensed Star Wars socks. This set includes 4 pairs of socks which feature character prints of Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, Chewbacca and R2D2. You are definitely going to be...Read More..

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Bath Bomb Gift Set

This bath bomb gift set has everything a woman needs to feel loved and pampered. It includes 10 jumbo sized bath bombs all wrapped up in a cute-as-a-button bathtub shaped gift basket and includes a gift card for you to personalize it. These...Read More..

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Outdoor Survival Kit

If you love the great outdoors and adventure this outdoor survival kit needs to be with you every step you take. This kit includes 7 incredible tools which include a versatile tool card, compass, emergency whistle, fire starter, multifuncti...Read More..

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Oversized Reindeer Cardigan

This vibrantly colored oversized reindeer cardigan is super comfortable, warm and snuggly. The cardigan is available in two colors and designs, red/black/white and black/white. It also features a pattern of reindeers and Christmas trees mix...Read More..

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Corn Stripper

Quickly and easily remove corn from the cob in one twist with this super handy corn stripper. This is a must-have gadget in every kitchen and makes removing corn kernels a breeze so you can quickly add corn to any meal. The stainless steel ...Read More..

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Lightsaber Room Light

In order to become a Jedi Knight your first challenge will be to construct this Lightsaber room light and mount it on your wall. With this Star Wars Lightsaber kit young Padawans can put together their very own Lightsaber room light which feat...Read More..

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Walking Roaring Dinosaur

This walking roaring dinosaur has spikes which illuminates red, blue and green while it walks, roars and lights up its eyes and tongue. This roar-some dinosaur will take your kid on a Jurassic journey with its animated movements, lights and...Read More..

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Cow Cheese Slice Holder

Give this cow cheese slice holder a home in your fridge and you will never fumble for your cheese slices again. This cheese holder has a black and white cattle print on the outside and can hold up to 24 slices of cheese on the inside. This ...Read More..

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Wearable Sleeved Blanket

This super snuggly wearable sleeved blanket is the answer to your winter dreams and it even has a pouch in the front to carry your remote and phone. This comfy blanket has sleeves so your hands are free to do whatever you please while it ha...Read More..

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Wine and Glass Guitar Holder

This funky wine and glass guitar holder holds up to 9 bottles of wine and 4 glasses to add a hip and musical style to any room. This wine rack isn't just any old rack, its made from both metal and wood plus its cool guitar shape adds a decorat...Read More..

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