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Tree Trunk Light

The amazing Tree Truck Light with LED is a unique indoor or outdoor item for every home. During the day it looks like a natural old log, but when night arrives you can switch on the light and the magic happens. These lights are hand-made fr...Read More..

$125.00 Check It Out!

Chocolate Donut Soap

Chocolatey delicious goodness in soap form with sprinkles. These Donut Soaps are incredible and have a wonderful fragrance of milk chocolate ganache, vanilla creme and buttery pound cake which make this a truly d...Read More..


Water Garden

This amazing Water Garden is a 3 gallon closed loop, self-cleaning fish tank that grows food. The fish waste naturally fertilizes the plants above and in exchange the plants clean the water. The kit includes ever...Read More..


Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel

Everybody knows that unicorn snot is sparkly and beautiful so it makes the perfect glitter gel for your face and body. Simply spread some of the Unicorn Snot on your face or body and sparkle the night (or day) aw...Read More..


Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock

You only get to hit snooze once on this out of control alarm clock on wheels. Once you slam that snooze button, the Runaway Alarm Clock jumps off your nightstand and starts wheeling and beeping around your bedroo...Read More..


Octopus Lantern

The Octopus Lantern is sure to be a great conversation starter in any home. Made from aluminium, iron and glass each of the three lanterns has a hinged door and includes a glass cup that holds a tea light candle ...Read More..


Word Clock

Forget boring old numbers to tell the time, with the LED Word Clock you can see the time in text form. The clock selects the appropriate words to display the correct time to you displayed in 5 minute intervals. P...Read More..


Funky Veg Kit

Purple carrots, Red Brussel Sprouts, Stripy Tomatoes, Yellow Zucchini and Multi Colored Swiss Chard, these are the 5 funky vegetables that you can grow with the Funky Veg Kit. Everything you need to grow these we...Read More..


Weird Cuff Bracelet

We’re all a little weird in our own kooky sort of way, so what better way to show the world how weird you are with the Weird Cuff Bracelet. The bracelet is slightly flexible to form around your wrist and can be a...Read More..


Cupcake Coin Bank

Spend, spend, spend! Whether you’re saving up for something special or you want to teach the kids the value of money this Cupcake Coin Bank is just want you need. The cupcake has four seperate chambers labelled; ...Read More..


Hershey’s Salt & Pepper Shakers

Mmmm delicious Hershey's Kisses. Who knew that they were named ‘Kisses' due to the sound the machine use to make when dolloping the chocolate onto the converter belt? Well, now you do. And now you can add a touch of chocolatey de...Read More..


Drop Fruit Bowl

Just like a moment suspended in time, this fruit bowl looks just like a drop of paint colliding with a hard surface resulting in a fabulous explosion. Made of durable silicone these exciting fruit bowls come in 5 different colors...Read More..


EcoSphere Aquatic Ecosystem

With no maintenance required what so ever, the Ecosphere is perfect for the time sensitive person who still wants to have the feeling of owning a pet but doesn’t have the time to look after it. These fully enclosed ecosystems con...Read More..


R2 D2 Desk Vacuum

If your desktops R2 dirty that you need the R2 D2 Desk Vacuum to clean up your space. R2’s front leg works as a mini vacuum cleaner and when he collects enough dirt and needs emptying you simply unscrew his domed...Read More..


Hot Dog Stapler

This stapler looks good enough to eat, but we don’t suggest you try and take a bite out of it, you will just make yourself sick, kinda like when you eat a real hot dog. This stapler is strictly for stapling paper only. Funky and ...Read More..


Salt & Pepper Wand Shakers

Abracadabra! Turn your meal from bland to brilliant all with the wave of these Salt & Pepper Wand Shakers. They won’t magically make a meal appear in front of you, but the wands will season your meal with a light sprinkling o...Read More..


Chair Socks

No, we haven’t lost our minds and started posting cat pics. See the little sockies on the chair leg? That’s right. we’re selling Chair Socks. These incredible handy Chair socks help to stop that unbearable screeching sound of cha...Read More..


Mushroom Farm Kit

Fungus is growing everywhere, spores are thriving and mushrooms are sprouting in the kitchen! No, we’re not talking about an episode of The Walking Dead we’re talking about growing your own mushrooms with this amazing kit. Known as meat for ve...Read More..


Wilson Cast Away Volleyball

Wilson from Cast Away was the true star of this movie, (sorry Tom). Never has a simple volleyball been adored so much. Who can forget that moment when Wilson gets lost at sea and Chuck (Tom Hanks) is devastated? ...Read More..


Octopus Necklace

Attention all octopus lovers! We have a stunning Octopus Necklace that you will fall in love with. Octopuses, (or is it Octopi?) are such bizarre but stunning looking creatures. All those tentacles, those suctions, that blobby he...Read More..


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