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Drinking Horn

Drinking Horn

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Feel like a true Viking with an ethically sourced drinking horn and you will see that beer just tastes better when you're channeling your inner Viking. Every one of these Viking drinking horns feature a double seal with a modern food safe sealant to ensure your horn lasts and never leaks even with excessive use. Each horn comes with its own stand and is also finished off with a classy gold brass rim around the mouth of the horn to heighten your drinking experience. Plus you can even get your drinking horn engraved with any text you desire to truly make your horn an individual item unique to YOU.

These drinking horns are made from a solid piece of horn and feel oh-so-right in your hand plus we guarantee you won't go back to drinking beer in any other way again once you drink from one of these amazing horns. These horns can be used for drinking anything which is at room temperature or colder. However, if you want to drink hot beverages such as coffee, we suggest getting your Viking hands on the new coffee horn which is also available as hot liquids may warp the cold liquid drinking horns.

Each horn is also impeccably checked for defects before it is packaged carefully in a cotton carrying pouch, this handy pouch is an extra gift included for you when you purchase your new drinking horn. In addition to all this, each and every one of these horns are made in the same way they always have been - by hand, this ensures you have a unique, hand-made and high quality drinking horn.

The company who produce these horns take pride in the fact that these horns are "ethically sourced" and they are just as concerned about animal cruelty as you are, which is why these horns come from a farm that look after oxen not just for their horns or other parts. All of the horns also come from a family farm that specialize in horn-crafting.

These incredible drinking horns are available in a ton of different sizes to suit every kind of drinker plus every horn features subtle differences and has its own unique story and character making each horn a one-of-a-kind, original drinking vessel that is unique to you. There is even a drinking horn belt-clip available as an accessory so you can wear your horn around your waist like a true Viking.

These horns are truly a magnificent work of craftsmanship and all drinking horns include a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Don't drink from a boring beer mug anymore, grab yourself a Viking drinking horn today and drink from a vessel that truly makes a unique statement.

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