For The Chef

Cookie Holding Mug

Drink your coffee or tea and have a sweet treat to go along with your hot drink with this Cookie Holding Mug. It can hold biscuits, cookies, doughnuts, biscotti, scones and many other sweet treats for your enjoyment.

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Tipping Wine Glass

This set of two wine glasses is hand blown glass which looks like it is about to tip over.  It will impress all your guests with how it sits on the able without spilling.  Beautifully crafted optical illusion wine glasses are fun and intere...Read More..


Cutting Board Tablet Stand

Give your tablet or cookbook a proper spot on the counter with this Cutting Board Tablet Stand. This handy item looks like a cutting board but is actually a handy stand to hold your cookbook or electronic...Read More..

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Unique Antler Cake Stand

This beautiful antler cake stand is a unique display for all your delicious treats.  This visual masterpiece preserves your treats and keeps them from drying out too quickly.  

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Nerdy Geeky Math Mug

Find X Math Mug.  Great gift for anyone who loves math and has a sense of humor.  Perfect teacher gift too. You don't have to be smart to find the x, just use common sense.  

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Rose Bud Tea

This is the perfect Mother's Day gift.  This is a very fragrant tea that perfumes your cup unlike any other tea.  Drinking this tea is very heavenly as it is beautiful and delicious at the same time.  

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Musical Whistling Kettle

This clever Musical Whistling Kettle plays a sweet melody through its brass pipes once your boiled water is ready. Featuring a magnetic steel heat diffusing bottom this kettle is specifical...Read More..

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Heat Shield Protection Grilling Tongs

Protect your hands while you grill with these Heat Shield Protection Grilling Tongs. Made to last with professional-grade, high quality stainless steel, Grill Daddy’s Heat Shield Tongs offers you great control with added safety.

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Spice Rack Carousel with Auto-Measure

This spice rack carousel with an auto measuring system, makes your job easier by automatically  measuring quantity for you, so that you don't have to get your measuring spoon out. It is the perfect neat storage for all your spices. You don'...Read More..


Rolled Omelette Pan

Super easy way to make the perfect rolled omelette.  Never struggle again trying to roll an omelette. To make the omelette, just pour the egg in the first compartment and tilt in to fill the second compartment.  Wait a little for it to set ...Read More..

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