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DIY Butter Making Kit

DIY Butter Making Kit

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Make unique flavorful and aromatic butter using this DIY Butter Making Kit. The kit comes complete with a recipe book for both American and European butters. It also includes special spices, parchment paper and a reusable drain bag for stripping.

The spices included will complement your butter to take your appetizer and starter experience to the next level. Your guests will enjoy your home made flavorful butter.

Once you make your own, you will never want to buy store bought flavored butter again.

  • USE YOUR OWN MIXER, BLENDER, FOOD PROCESSOR, WATER BOTTLE OR JAR! This kit is the perfect beginning to gifting wonderful homemade butter, compound butter and Ghee to your friends, family & co-workers.
  • Included recipe booklet has easy to follow instructions for American butter as well as scrumptious European (cultured) butter and Ghee.
  • Includes LOTS of additional recipes for gift giving and holiday packaging ideas.
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