Cup Lid Covers

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Keep your morning cup of coffee and tea warmer for a longer period of time by putting a lid on it.  When you let your cup sit on your desk, the hot steam evaporates quickly cooling your fresh coffee before you get a chance to finish it.  When you keep your cup covered, it maintains its hot temperature much longer like a thermos would.  You now can have the pleasure of drinking from a cup like you would at a restaurant and coffee shop instead of drinking straight from your thermos. Just pour your hot drink into your cup and cover when you want to take a break.  This pack comes with 4 different covers that are bright and beautiful.  It is made from silicone and is very flexible and thin so you can store it anywhere.  It's very easy to clean, just rinse it off when you are done using it.  It will keep dust, hair and co worker's germs out of your morning joe.

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