Unicorn Poop Cookie Cutter

  • $14.99

Make unicorn poop with this unicorn poop cookie cutter. Unicorns aren't just a legend! They're as real as real can get. They just prefer not to be be seen by human eyes, that's all. Even though you may never be lucky enough to find real unicorn poop you can now get the next best thing with the unicorn poop cookie cutter.

Measuring 3” by 3” by 3/4” in size, the unicorn poop cookie cutter is shaped like the infamous lovable poop emoji and can be used to cut cookies in the same shape as unicorn poop. After you've finished your baking, you can finish the unicorn poop cookies with rainbow colored frosting and then serve them up.

Durably crafted, the unicorn poop cookie cutter is a must have for baking for unicorn themed parties and is a fun gag gift to give to anyone with a kooky sense of humor who loves to bake.

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