For The Home

Odd, unusual and unique gift ideas for the home.

Muffin Top Baking Cups

We’ve all been out in public and seen the muffin top look on someone. Well, now you can bake your own muffin tops in your own home with these Muffin Top Baking Cups. Simply fill up the cups with your favorite batter, pop in the o...Read More..

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Inflatable Dalek

Exterminate! Exterminate! Daleks were quite possibly Doctor Who’s most abominable enemy. Now you can create fear in your friends and family with your very own Inflatable Dalek.

Although this Dalek is only full o...Read More..

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Han Solo Ice Cube Tray

Freeze your own carbonite Solo! Now you can relive the scene over and over again with your own Han Solo Ice Cube Tray. Molded to look just like the iconic horrified image of Solo in carbonite, ...Read More..

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Air Guitar

Be the rock star you were born to be with the amazing air guitar. Featuring infrared sensors that detect your hand motions, this air guitar plays all chords in major, share, flat and seventh. Comes with 10 preset songs built in a...Read More..

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Gumball Machine Fishbowl

Fish don’t get the attention they deserve among other pets unless your fish stand out in one of these Gumball Machine Fishbowl aquariums.

This gumball inspired fishbowl features multi-color LED lighting with 7 d...Read More..

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Bogeyman Egg Separator

Very gross but very handy, the bogeyman egg separator is a must-have in every kitchen. Great for the chef in the family this separator will make separating those yolks and whites so much easier. Just break a raw egg into Mr Bogey...Read More..

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Wash Away Your Sins Hand Soap

This Wash Away Your Sins Hand Soap is effective on all 7 deadly sins and makes a great gift for all liars, cheaters, wrong-doers or anyone with a guilty conscience. Instantly kills sins on contact and lets you wash away dirty dee...Read More..

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Desktop Drum Set

Drum it like a rock star with this Desktop Drum Set. Although it may be a mini-me version of what goes on stage, its still big on sound. This kit has a high gloss, speckled finish and chrome plated accents and features the classi...Read More..

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Cat Scratch Turntable

Kitty cats get into all sorts of naughty behaviour at home so its with great pleasure that we present to you this Cat Scratch Turntable. This turntable comes with spinable deck and posable arm to help kitty exercise their muscles...Read More..

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Pebble Pillows

Bring the outdoors in with these realistic looking giant pebble pillows. They look just like huge oversized pebbles but are actually soft and plush pillows. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like one of the tiny characters from Honey...Read More..

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Moon Light

'That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'. The Moon Light will have you feeling just like Neil Armstrong when you own this incredible space lamp. Featuring impact craters on the surface the Moon Light will cast ...Read More..

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The Man Bowl

The man bowl is a dog bowl just for men. It looks just like a classic dog bowl but is actually a sturdy ceramic dish with the word ‘MAN’ on the side. Its large size accommodates even the largest serving of cereal or SpaghettiOs. ...Read More..

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T-Shirt Folder

With this fool proof T-shirt folder you can now fold t-shirts with ease like they do in the stores. This handy gadget teaches you to fold your t-shirts like a pro in a matter of seconds. Also great when packing for a trip or if y...Read More..

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Pizza Night Light

Who else loves pizza more than any other food on this earth? Well now you can express your love with a pizza night light. The pizza night light looks like a slice of warm delicious pizza on a paper plate. Fall asleep dreaming abo...Read More..

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Melting Clock

Welcome to Wonderland, Alice. Slowly watch time melt away with this amazing Melting Clock that looks like it is melting right before your eyes. Designed to sit on a bookshelf or the end of a desk, this fully functional clock will...Read More..

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Bacon Mints

Love bacon? Love mints? How about both together? Well, may we present to you these mint tasty, bacon flavored, bacon mints. Yep, they taste just as we described them. These great tasting mints have to be tried to be believed. Gre...Read More..

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10 Foot Giant Beach Ball

The bigger the better. This super enormous inflatable 10 foot giant beach ball will make you the envy of the beach. Also great for pool parties and picnics, this beach ball is made from extra thick vinyl to withstand any punishme...Read More..

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Sinking Salt and Pepper Shakers

Add some spice to your tabletop with these sinking salt and pepper shakers that look like they are sinking into the table. These crazy shakers are sure to create some interesting comments from your dinner guests....Read More..

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24K Gold Lip Plumper

Use this 24K gold lip plumper for your lips to plump them up and make them look fuller and softer. This clever lip mask lifts and tones your lips to make them look healthier and more youthful.

After treatment, your lips will look plu...Read More..

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Mini Doughnut Maker

Impress the kids, friends and family with delicious varieties of mini doughnuts, cakes, brownies, muffins and more with this Mini Doughnut Maker. Simple to use, your decadent desserts easily slide right off the ...Read More..

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Have a Nice Day Coffee Mug

This clever, Have a Nice Day Coffee Mug has the words, 'Have A Nice Day' on it and a middle finger on the bottom of the mug. When you take a sip of that sweet coffee you will let the world know that you certainly don't hope they have a nice...Read More..

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