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Draw Your Own Circuit

Draw Your Own Circuit

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This is the perfect educational gift for your kids to learn how circuits work with the Draw Your Own Circuit kit. This kit comes with a pen that conducts its own electricity so you can draw circuits that connect to and light up an LED light. This kit makes learning and designing circuits as easy as doodling with no wires needed.

Each kit comes with some of the most fundamental modules which can be used to create some cool circuits! Connect the LEDs in parallel or series (and learn what those terms mean!), use a potentiometer to control the volume of buzzers, or make a paper touch sensor with the NPN transistor.

All kit's come with a Circuit Scribe Conductive Ink Pen.

  • The most conductive ink on the market
  • Non-toxic ink that is safe for ages 8+
  • Popular Science’s 'Invention of the Month'
  • Invented by a team of 3 PhD Students from UIUC/Harvard
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