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Edgar Allan Poe Pill Box

Edgar Allan Poe Pill Box

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A poetic pill box for poetry lovers. Take your pills in style with this Edgar Allan Poe Pill Box. You will love the look of this beautiful box that can be used for storing small items. Use it for vitamins, coins, buttons, guitar picks, beads, tacks, paper clips, hairbands and more.  

It has three seperate compartments or you can remove the decider and use it as one large container.

  • EASY OPEN - push button on the side allows for easy access to pills.
  • PERFET SIZE - at 2 inches wide it is big enough to not get lost but can fit in small places too.
  • COMPARTMENTS - features 3 sections to sort your vitamins and pills.
  • PHOTO FINISH - beautiful picture finish on the top cover design.
  • PERFECT GIFT - help a friend remember and organize in a stylish way.
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