For The Home

Odd, unusual and unique gift ideas for the home.

Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock

You only get to hit snooze once on this out of control Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock. Once you slam that snooze button, this alarm clock jumps off your nightstand and starts wheeling and beeping around your bedroom ...Read More..

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Octopus Lantern

This unique and stunning octopus lantern is sure to be a great conversation starter and the centrepiece in any home. Made from aluminium, iron and glass, each of the three lanterns has a hinged door and includes ...Read More..

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Word Clock

Forget boring old numbers to tell the time, with the LED word clock you can see the time in text form. This amazing clock selects the appropriate words to display the correct time to you displayed in 5 minute int...Read More..

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Cupcake Coin Bank

Spend, spend, spend! Whether you’re saving up for something special or you want to teach the kids the value of money this Cupcake Coin Bank is just want you need. The cupcake has four sepe...Read More..

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Hersheys Salt and Pepper Shakers

Now you can add a touch of chocolatey deliciousness to your dining table with these Hersheys Salt and Pepper Shakers. Did you know Hershey's Kisses were named ‘Kisses' due to the sound the mach...Read More..

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Drop Fruit Bowl

Just like a moment suspended in time, this Drop Fruit Bowl looks just like a drop of paint colliding with a hard surface resulting in a fabulous explosion. Made of durable silicone these exciting fruit bowls come in 5 different c...Read More..

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EcoSphere Aquatic Ecosystem

With no maintenance required what-so-ever, the EcoSphere Aquatic Ecosystem is perfect for time sensitive people who still want the feeling of owning a pet but don't have the time to look after it.

These fully en...Read More..

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Salt & Pepper Wand Shakers

Abracadabra! Turn your meal from bland to brilliant all with the wave of these salt and pepper wand shakers. They won’t magically make a meal appear in front of you, but the wands will season your meal with a light sprinkling of ...Read More..

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Wilson The Volleyball From Cast Away

Wilson the Volleyball from Cast Away was the true star of this movie, (sorry Tom). Never has a simple volleyball been adored so much. Who can forget that moment when Wilson gets lost at sea and Chuck (Tom Hanks) ...Read More..

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Splash Chopping Board

When we first saw this splash chopping board we thought it was a bad idea to have a board so close to the edge but that’s what makes this chopping board so brilliant. The splash effect locks the chopping board against the table s...Read More..

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Eggling Crack and Grow

Crack an egg and watch it grow with the Eggling Crack and Grow. These Egglings look and feel like a large egg and when you break open the top you will discover a ready to grow garden.

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Brain Specimen Coasters

Want something unique to sit your drinks on instead of boring cork coasters? We definitely have the answer for that with these unique brain specimen coasters. Each set contains 10 coasters and features a slice of brain printed on...Read More..

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Hot Dog Toaster

This must-have Hot Dog Toaster makes a seriously brilliant addition to anyones kitchen. Simply pop in your buns, pop in your dogs and in a matter of minutes you’ve got fresh hot dogs ready for your condiments.

This toaster features a...Read More..

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Solar Jars

Store up sunshine for the night time with these amazing solar jars. These jars are absolutely stunning. Simply leave them in the sun during the day to charge up and as the sun goes down the sensors switch on to c...Read More..

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Camera Lens Mug

Yes we know this Camera Lens Mug looks just like an actual camera lens but we can’t stop drinking our coffee from one of these. This would have to be one of the most original gifts you could give to any photographer as it looks j...Read More..

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Eiffel Tower Giant Wall Decal

Never been to Paris? No problem, bring Paris into your home with the Eiffel Tower Giant Wall Decal. This set is truly amazing and really gives the room an incredible Parisian feel. The 13 sticker set easily applies to any smooth ...Read More..

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Self Stirring Mug

This self stirring mug is the perfect mug for perfectly lazy people. Simply tip in your coffee or tea, the amount of sugar you want, add hot water and press the button on the handle and watch your beverage whirl and whirl as it s...Read More..

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Wallet Ninja

18 tools in 1 small credit card sized flat gadget that fits in your wallet! That's the Wallet Ninja. We've all been in a position where we needed a particular tool or perhaps a can opener, maybe a bottle opener and just didn't have one. Now...Read More..

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Pineapple Wax Sealer

Add a unique touch to your letters and invitations with the pineapple wax sealer. With its solid brass and wood handle this quirky wax sealer stamp can be used like the good ole days to seal envelopes, decorate invitations and fa...Read More..

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Snow Cone Maker

Whether you’re trying to beat the heat, having a party or just want a cold treat this snow cone maker is the answer to all your frozen dreams. The snow cone maker makes perfect snow cones, slushies and party drinks in a flash. It...Read More..

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Flamingo String Lights

Bring your next party to life with these bright and colorful pink Flamingo String Lights. Pink and fabulous these indoor/outdoor lights are perfect for BBQ's, gardens, tables, mantles or at the front entrance to add some life to ...Read More..

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