Gifts Under $50

This is our hand picked selection of odd, unique and clever gifts all priced under $50

Chocolate Covered Bacon

This Chocolate Covered Bacon is truly a unique and delicious gift for bacon and chocolate lovers.  Everyone will love this unusual and tasty treat especially if they are adventurous and daring.  The sweet and savory combine to make an exqui...Read More..

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Mr. T Ice-T With Ice Cubes

Anyone who loves the 90s and the famous entertainers of the 90s will love this humorous t-shirt of Mr. T Ice-T with Ice Cubes. Straight out of Compton, Ice Cube, your favorite rapper from the NWA is now on a fun T-shirt.  Perfect outfit for a ...Read More..

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Pocket Knife Sharpener

The handy pocket knife sharpener features a clever fold out, tapered round diamond-coated rod for sharpening those serrated and standard edges on blunt knifes. The sharpener also has two pre-set carbide blades for quickly restoring a dull e...Read More..

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Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. 

The game is simple. Each round, one player...Read More..

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Food Face Kids Plates

Help your kids eat their food by making meal time fun and entertaining for them with these Food Face Kids Plates. Watch these characters come alive as you decorate them with food. Any child who has trouble eating will find this fun and the ...Read More..

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Magnetic Wristband

This Magnetic Wristband ensures you never lose your bolts, screws, tools or parts ever again and keeps them nearby when you need them the most. The wristband allows you to keep everything handy while you work wi...Read More..

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Conair Hair Cutting System

This Conair Hair Cutting System will give you a short and even haircut every time you need a trim. It's a great grooming device to help you maintain your short and tidy hair cut. Amazing versatility and convenience all-in-one! Forget the ba...Read More..

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Hand Grip Strengthener

Do some warmups everyday to strengthen the muscles in your hands and get those joints moving with this Hand Grip Strengthener. Great gift for anyone who has problems with stiff hands.

This device helps to correctly rebalance muscle s...Read More..

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Star Wars Chopsticks

Hungry you are? Then eat with these Star Wars chopsticks you should! These awesome chopsticks are mini replicas of Yoda's lightsaber. Except they're not actually lightsabers so they won't cause you any harm to u...Read More..

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Shark Attack Mug

Just when you thought it was safe to have a cup of coffee along comes this shark attack mug because every morning should start off with a scare. This is a great mug to serve up to unsuspecting house guests as a cheeky prank and makes a perf...Read More..

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Fish Popsicle Molds

These fun Fish Popsicle Molds are great for kids or anyone who loves to fish. These molds can be used for kids birthday parties but can also be used for chocolate and candy making.

The 6 different molds t...Read More..

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Chocolate Dipped Cookie Candle Numbers

What's better than a tasty chocolate dipped cookie? A chocolate dipped cookie candle, of course. Why? Because they last longer... until they melt away that is. These tasty looking candles truly do look like something straight out of Willy W...Read More..

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White Rose LED Fairy Lights

White roses are often referred to as, 'the flower of light' which is quite appropriate for these stunning white rose LED fairy lights. These lights are available in 3 different lengths and each contain a combination of roses and leave folia...Read More..

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Astronaut and New Arrival Aquanaut USB LED Night Light

If you could choose to be an astronaut or aquanaut, which would you be? Tough decision, right?! Astronauts get to explore space but aquanauts get to explore the ocean depths. Either would be pretty cool, but since most of us won't get a cha...Read More..

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Optical Illusion Balancing Cone Cups

Optical illusions are generally a trick of the eye, but we can assure you, your eyes are not deceiving you here. These cups look like some type of illusion as if the cone shaped mug is somehow balancing its tip on the saucer. In fact, the s...Read More..

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Spectacular Rhinestone Peacock Keychain

Whether you like to call them peacocks or peafowls, the spectacular tail fan of the male species of peacocks are definitely one of Mother Natures most beautiful displays. The reason peacock feathers are so brilliant is because they contain ...Read More..

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Black Tears Crying Unicorn Candle

Any kind of tears are sad tears to see, unless they're tears of joy of course, but we can't help feel a little sad for this unicorn who can't stop crying black colored tears. Just like his rainbow friend who cries rai...Read More..

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Wooden Tassel Door Knob Hangers

Let's be honest, door handles get a serious lack of appreciation for what they do in everyone's household. We pull them, we grab them, but seldom do we stop to think about how handy they are to have around. So, we think it's about high time...Read More..

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Alien Xenomorph Bronze Figurine

Anyone who is familiar with the Alien franchise is well aware that the Alien itself is the perfect killing machine with its lobster-like exoskeleton, almost impenetrable to anything except the most powerful firearms.

Well, we can ass...Read More..

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Pineapple Napkin Holder Rings

When we hear the word 'pineapple' we often think of that juicy, yellow, tropical, sweet tasting fruit, but did you know that pineapples actually ripen faster upside down? It's true! And while we aren't offering up any pineapples today, we d...Read More..

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Fruit Shaped Candles

People recommend eating fruit every day for a healthy lifestyle but we certainly don't recommend eating these particular fruit varieties since they're made out of wax! These realistic fruit shaped candles look a...Read More..

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