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Let imaginations soar with a giant inflatable Triceratops.

Let imaginations soar with a giant inflatable Triceratops.

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Unleash your child’s inner paleontologist with this outstanding inflatable Triceratops!

Bring the fun of the Jurassic era into your home with this realistic dinosaur replica inspired by fossils discovered. Not only is this creature a memorable decoration for any party or playroom, but its 43-inch size makes it one of the best pool toys for the summer season.

Made from durable material compliant with US/EU standards, this green-hued Triceratops features a beak, bony frill, and three horns — just like a true dinosaur from days long past. And this Triceratops has stunning, realistic eyes too! 

Complete the prehistoric scene by adding other inflatable dinosaurs like T-Rex and Brachiosaurus — then watch as imaginations take over and kids enjoy hours of turnback time fun. Surprise your future archaeologist now with their very own inflatable Triceratops!

  • Allow your children to explore their love for dinosaurs with a realistic replica.
  • Offers a perfect addition to any party or playroom design.
  • Makes a great pool toy.
  • Manufactured with durable material that complies with US/EU safety standards.
  • Eyes and other features will spark your kid’s imagination for hours of fun.
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