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Tattoo Time? Try Inkbox: The Ultimate Temporary Tattoo Pen for Everyone!

Tattoo Time? Try Inkbox: The Ultimate Temporary Tattoo Pen for Everyone!

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Introducing the Inkbox freehand tattoo marker, the perfect tool for all artists to create stunning and long-lasting temporary tattoos. With its medium sized tip, this marker is a versatile solution for all your tattooing needs, whether you're an experienced artist or a casual doodler.

These markers are designed for ease of use, allowing you to create detailed and bold designs on clean, dry skin. Simply let your creation sit for an hour, and watch as it darkens within 24-48 hours. The tattoo will last for 1-2 weeks, making it a longer-lasting alternative to traditional temporary tattoos.

What sets Inkbox apart is its use of ‘For Now’ ink, a unique technology that ensures the ink sits in your skin, not on top of it. This results in a more realistic and long-lasting tattoo that is water-resistant and able to withstand daily activities. The tattoo color will vary for each individual and gradually fade as your skin naturally exfoliates and regenerates.

  • Medium-tip marker for intricate designs and adding detail.
  • Easy to use, perfect for all artists.
  • Long-lasting up to 1-2 weeks, water-resistant.
  • 'For Now' Ink technology for a realistic and natural look.
  • Gradual fade as skin exfoliates and regenerates.
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