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Take creative playtime to new heights with this paper airplane kit.

Take creative playtime to new heights with this paper airplane kit.

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Take creativity and imagination to the sky with this paper airplane creator kit and allow your child to easily construct their own fun and colorful paper airplanes.

With 40 large sheets plus 25 patterned paper sheets and a full-color paper airplane book of 15 illustrations – this mini craft kit has everything parents need for a unique bonding activity or a just-because gift for kids.

Make wonderful memories in no time with helpful guidelines and clear instructions so everyone can make these awesome paper planes! Choose from the multiple colored papers included, create the desired design, and launch your planes across the room and watch everyone smile! No high-tech gadgets are necessary here – just time spent laughing and playing together.

Let your kids express themselves creatively and with imagination without spending too much money! This kit is perfect as a stocking stuffer, rainy day activity, party favor… you name it! Plus, you can show off each act of artistry on your wall, desk, or wherever else you please. Pick up one today and get ready to take flight!

  • Easy to use and understand - perfect for kids and adults alike!
  • Enjoy quality bonding time with your child by making fun paper airplanes from scratch.
  • Learn how to fold paper airplanes with the included book of 15 illustrations.
  • Inexpensive way to keep your children entertained and engaged with a creative hobby.
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