For The Home

Odd, unusual and unique gift ideas for the home.

5 O'Clock Shadow Candle

Bring a manly scent into your room and make your space smell fresh and clean with this 5 o'clock shadow candle.  No overpowering floral scents, just what the doctor ordered to freshen up your man cave. Make your home smell warm and cozy wit...Read More..

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Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

This Angry Mama microwave cleaner is super easy to use for a great clean microwave interior every time with no scrubbing necessary. Just fill up Angry Mama with water and vinegar and steam it inside your microwave. It will instantly loosen ...Read More..

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Bacteria Testing Science Kit

If you want to learn about bacteria and familiarize yourself with the subject of microbiology, then this bacteria testing science kit is for you. You can easily swab and watch bacteria grow and expand inside the agar plate.

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Anonymous Hacker Mask

If you are looking for a strong and memorable mask for your next cosplay or convention, then this anonymous hacker mask is for you. This is the famous mask from V for Vendetta and is a great mask to use to play good guy, bad guy, cops and robb...Read More..

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Astronaut Ice Cream

You will feel like an intrepid outer space explorer when you indulge in this delicious freeze dried astronaut ice cream. This ice cream is packaged and made for astronauts but now you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home... and th...Read More..

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Beer Belly Reducing Soap

This beer belly reducing soap for men is a fragrant soap that has the dubious claim of having the ability to scale back decades of beer drinking! Few are convinced of the weight-reducing capabilities of this nov...Read More..

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Bagel Slicer

Easily slice your bagels with this convenient and easy to use bagel slicer. All you have to do is place your bagel in the base and insert the top handle to cut your bagel perfectly in half every time.

No more knives and struggles wit...Read More..

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Batman Animated Series Action Figure

Continue your animated Batman collection with this outstanding Batman animated series action figure. This figurine is the next wave of 6 inch scale action figures which bring the designs of the Emmy Award-winning an...Read More..

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Baking Bad Cookbook

If you love baking and the hit TV show Breaking Bad, this Baking Bad cookbook is for you. Bake delicious and beautiful desserts using this book and have fun doing it. Pretend you're a chemistry teacher turned drug maker-baron. This cookbook...Read More..

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Beanie Bluetooth Headphone Speaker

This wireless beanie Bluetooth headphone speaker keeps your head warm and plays music for you at the same time. You can even answer phone calls and listen to music hands-free.

This beanie features premium doubl...Read More..

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Batman Table Lamp

If you like bobble heads, then you will LOVE this trendy Batman table lamp. The base of the lamp is the body of Batman and the lampshade is the mask and face of Batman. It looks great on bedside tables, homework desks and rooms with comic c...Read More..

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Bazooka Dog Ball Launcher

Don't just toss the ball to play with your dog, use a bazooka dog ball launcher to blast the ball for the ultimate fetch fun. Your dog will love this extreme fetch experience as the bazooka launches the ball for you so that you don't have t...Read More..

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Beef Jerky Dehydrator Kit

Nesco American Harvest beef jerky dehydrator kit with a Jerky Gun includes everything you need to make delicious home made jerky, just add ground meat. This dehydrator features a 350 Wat fixed temperature, and t...Read More..

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Automatic Ball Launcher

This iFetch automatic ball launcher is the perfect gift for your pet or anyone who has pets. This launcher will toss the ball for your pet to fetch as long as they want to play. Your pet can have fun even when you're busy.

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Appetizer Tray With Ice Compartment

Keep your appetizers fresh throughout the party with this appetizer tray with ice compartment. So simple to use, all you do is fill the bottom up with ice and pop your appetizers into the triangular slots and you're good to go. It even has ...Read More..

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Toaster & Egg Poacher

This toaster & egg poacher literally does it all. It toasts bread, English muffins, bagels or croissants while steam-poaching your eggs and warms pre-cooked meat. In about four minutes, you can make a delicious eg...Read More..

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Goldfish Bin Bags

Now you can make the tedious task of talking out the rubbish a fun experience with these Goldfish Bin Bags. Each pack contains 12 bags and each one has golden goldfish printed on the outside to make it appear to be a giant bag of water with...Read More..

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Nessie Tale Bookmark

Let this Nessie tale bookmark guide you deep into the plot, and when you stop she’ll save your spot, a legendary read is guaranteed! Perfect gift for every book lover. 3 colors available, green, purple and turquoise. Also makes a great bookmar...Read More..

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Star Wars X-Wing Ice Molds

These Star Wars X-Wing ice tray molds create ice or candies in the shape of X-Wing Fighters from Star Wars. These molds can also be used for melted chocolate and candies and popped in the fridge. They are also m...Read More..

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LiteCubes are a set of 6 freezable, color changing ice cubes! They are perfect for parties, events or just for jazzing up your nightly martini! Featuring 8 different color modes (red, green, blue, yellow, aqua, purple, white, and a co...Read More..

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LED Rainbow Shower Head

Fill your day with some color with the LED Rainbow Shower Head. This awesome shower head is self powered by water pressure only and requires no batteries or electricity to bring some vibrancy to your daily shower. J...Read More..

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