Water Purifying Shower-Head

  • $35.86

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This purifying shower-head will help remove harmful chlorine and fluoride from your water as you shower. It is economical and efficient and will cleanse your water of the harmful toxins. You will find the water to be softer on your skin and cleansing rather than slowly wearing it out. It features 8 different massage and soothing spray settings so that you can set to your liking. The different stones inside the handle of the shower-head absorb the toxins and only allow the pure water to flow through. The stones include;

RED GERMANIUM MINERAL, which removes heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria and impurities

GRAY TOURMALINE, which creates a negative ion process so your skin absorbs nutrients for a softener skin

WHITE MEDICAL STONE, which absorbs harmful substances in the air to reach optimum deodorization

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