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Buying unique gifts is not an easy task - especially for people who seem to have everything. Odd Gifts works around the clock to bring you hand picked list of the most unique and unusual gifts from around the web. Our unique gift ideas are guaranteed to inspire you to always buy only cool and exciting gifts.

Lightsaber Room Light

In order to become a Jedi Knight your first challenge will be to construct this Lightsaber room light and mount it on your wall. With this Star Wars Lightsaber kit young Padawans can put together their very own Lightsaber room light which feat...Read More..

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Walking Roaring Dinosaur

This walking roaring dinosaur has spikes which illuminates red, blue and green while it walks, roars and lights up its eyes and tongue. This roar-some dinosaur will take your kid on a Jurassic journey with its animated movements, lights and...Read More..

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Cow Cheese Slice Holder

Give this cow cheese slice holder a home in your fridge and you will never fumble for your cheese slices again. This cheese holder has a black and white cattle print on the outside and can hold up to 24 slices of cheese on the inside. This ...Read More..

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Wearable Sleeved Blanket

This super snuggly wearable sleeved blanket is the answer to your winter dreams and it even has a pouch in the front to carry your remote and phone. This comfy blanket has sleeves so your hands are free to do whatever you please while it ha...Read More..

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Wine and Glass Guitar Holder

This funky wine and glass guitar holder holds up to 9 bottles of wine and 4 glasses to add a hip and musical style to any room. This wine rack isn't just any old rack, its made from both metal and wood plus its cool guitar shape adds a decorat...Read More..

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Deluxe Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

You can now say goodbye to annoying ash, costly firewood, and horrible smoke with this handy deluxe portable outdoor fire pit. This portable and lightweight fire pit sets up in minutes and requires no tools to a...Read More..

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Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult Kit

Leonardo De Vinci redesigned the catapult around the year 1485, and now you can bring his design to life with this Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult Kit. This kit comes complete with all the wooden pieces already pre-c...Read More..

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Retro Arcade Gaming Machine

Relive the magic of a bygone era with this super-cool retro arcade gaming machine with 200 games installed on it. This little game gadget requires no expensive game console and is small enough to fit in a bag or backpack, and easily fits in...Read More..

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Slippers

Select which allegiance you choose to join, the empire or the rebel with these Star Wars Stormtrooper slippers. These officially licensed slippers have a plush soft terry lining with the front of the slipper fea...Read More..

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Roast Turkey Hat

Is that a roast turkey hat on your head or are you just hungry to see me? This utterly ridiculous turkey hat is light brown and shaped like a roast turkey with drumsticks on top. Wear it while preparing a turkey holiday meal or just for fun...Read More..

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Wonder Woman Knee High Socks

Now you can feel like Wonder Woman every day with these superhero Wonder Woman knee high socks. We all know someone that we refer to as 'Wonder Woman' in our lives, whether it be your mom, spouse or you give yourself that title. Well, now they...Read More..

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Motorized Paper Airplane

You can now combine your childhood memories with modern day technology and create your own motorized paper airplane. First you need to build your own paper airplane than you add the motor supplied in this kit and use your smartphone to cont...Read More..

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Santa Toilet Seat Cover

Get festive and add some holiday cheer to your bathroom with this cute Santa toilet seat cover. Don't just decorate your home and skip the bathroom this festive season, add this merry toilet seat cover and spread the Christmas cheer through...Read More..

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Snowflake Window Decals

These stunning snowflake window decals are the perfect addition to any home and includes 159 snowflakes in 3 different designs making them ideal for window decorating. This set also comes with 113 white dots to enhance the snowflake pattern...Read More..

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Microwave Bacon Cooker

Whether you like your bacon crispy or chewy, this microwave bacon cooker can cook up to 6 strips of bacon to perfection every time in your microwave. The cooker keeps your bacon elevated so the greasy fat...Read More..

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Monster Spaghetti Colander

This monster spaghetti colander looks a tad kooky but he can't wait to serve you up a delicious bowl of freshly cooked spaghetti. Don't let this monsters cute eyes fool you, this monster colander is a must-have kitchen tool. So, if you're p...Read More..

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Floating Bucket

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is indeed a floating bucket desk accessory used for holding pens and pencils or any other longish item that fits into it. This optical illusion looks like there is a hole in the bucket and water is pouring...Read More..

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Suction Razor Holder

This suction razor holder is the perfect gentlemen who will keep your razor safe and clean making sure it's always within reach and ready to use in an instant. This guy attaches easily to any tiled wall or mirror and will keep your razor ha...Read More..

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Butterfly Garden

Using this butterfly garden, kids and adults alike can watch one of nature's most incredible transformations, witnessing butterfly metamorphosis up close. This sensational kit is an engaging, hands-on activity which allows you to care for l...Read More..

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Solar Bubble Lights

These color changing solar bubble lights soak up the sun by day and by night they light up your garden with dazzling bubble filled colors. These bubble lights are so unique and look absolutely amazing by night but also look stunning during ...Read More..

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Flaming Grenade Hot Sauce

This flaming grenade hot sauce is a seriously dangerous taste explosion with the perfect blend of both heat and taste in a grenade shaped jar. The sauce in this cleverly designed jar is flippin' hot and makes an ideal gift for the hot sauce...Read More..

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