Odd Gifts

Buying unique gifts is not an easy task - especially for people who seem to have everything. Odd Gifts works around the clock to bring you hand picked list of the most unique and unusual gifts from around the web. Our unique gift ideas are guaranteed to inspire you to always buy only cool and exciting gifts.

Mushroom Farm Kit

Fungus is growing everywhere, spores are thriving and mushrooms are sprouting in the kitchen! No, we’re not talking about an episode of The Walking Dead we’re talking about growing your own mushrooms with this amazing kit. Known as meat for ve...Read More..


Wilson Cast Away Volleyball

Wilson from Cast Away was the true star of this movie, (sorry Tom). Never has a simple volleyball been adored so much. Who can forget that moment when Wilson gets lost at sea and Chuck (Tom Hanks) is devastated? ...Read More..


Octopus Necklace

Attention all octopus lovers! We have a stunning Octopus Necklace that you will fall in love with. Octopuses, (or is it Octopi?) are such bizarre but stunning looking creatures. All those tentacles, those suctions, that blobby he...Read More..


Floating Illusion Bottle Holder

Yes, this bottle and rope is defying gravity, your eyes aren’t seeing crazy things. Its an amazing illusion of a rope that looks like its floating and holding a bottle. Baffle your friends with this head turning ...Read More..


Splash Chopping Board

When we first saw this Splash Chopping Board we thought it was a bad idea to perilously have a chopping board so close to the edge just for the effect that it looks like its dripping, but that’s what makes this chopping board so ...Read More..


Hungry Apology T-shirt

We’ve all been guilty of it. Your stomach is rumbling, you’re starting to get irritated, you really just want to eat some food and someone asks you an innocent question and you snap and lose your cool. Its a case of the han-grys!...Read More..


Eggling Crack & Grow

Crack an egg and watch it grow! Doesn’t really make sense but it does if you had one of these adorable Crack & Grow Egglings. These Egglings look and feel like a large egg and when you break open the top you will discover a r...Read More..


Brain Specimen Coasters

Want something unique to sit your drinks on instead of boring cork coasters? We definitely have the answer for that with these unique Brain Specimen Coasters. Each set contains 10 coasters and features a slice of brain printed on...Read More..


Peanuts From Hell

Wowsers, these are fiery peanuts! Definitely not for ordinary peanut lovers these nuts are a blend of peanuts, hot spices and habanero peppers and are super hot. Dry roasted to make them extra delicious, these nuts claim to be, ‘...Read More..


Pizza Gym Bag

Pizza after a workout? Sounds good to us. This is the perfect bag to take to the gym to let everyone know exactly what you're planning after your workout. We all know after a brutal exercise session ends there really isn’t anythi...Read More..


Amazeballs Fairground

Fairgrounds are always a happy place. The rides, the food, the games - its endless fun for everyone. Well, now you can bring the fairground into your home; not literally, but with the Amazeballs Fairground game. Once set up this ...Read More..


Hot Dog Toaster

Where has this product been our whole lives?! Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned hot dog with sauce and yellow mustard? Its gotta be that bright yellow mustard right?! This must-have hot dog toaster would make a seriously brilliant addition...Read More..


Hot Sauce Challenge

Attention hot sauce lovers! This is your dream come true. Can you make it through all 12 bottles of crazy hot sauce? We challenge you! The 12 bottles of sauce come in an awesome book type box making it the perfect gift idea for c...Read More..


Solar Jar

Store up sunshine for the night time with these amazing Solar Jars. These jars are absolutely stunning. Simply leave them in the sun during the day to charge up and as the sun goes down the sensors switch on to c...Read More..


Bacon Wallet

Lady Gaga’s memorable meat dress doesn’t have anything on this Bacon Wallet. Perfect gift for bacon lovers, this wallet looks just like real bacon and has tons of room to fit all those cards and cash. It’s super slim yet meaty en...Read More..


Useless Box Kit

The Useless Box Kit is perfect for the person who has everything or that one person who is impossible to buy for. This kit consists of several pieces which requires assembly (and a soldering iron) to build it together to form the...Read More..


Camera Lens Mug

Yes we know this Camera Lens Mug looks just like an actual camera lens but we can’t stop drinking our coffee from one of these. This would have to be one of the most original gifts you could give to any photographer as it looks j...Read More..


Frankenstein Paper Clip Holder

If a green glowing monster staring at you in the middle of the night doesn’t terrify you then this may be the perfect gift you give yourself. The Frankenstein Paper Clip Holder glows in the dark and has a magnetic head so you can...Read More..


Eiffel Tower Giant Wall Decal

Never been to Paris? No problem, bring Paris into your home with the Eiffel Tower Giant Wall Decal. This set is truly amazing and really gives the room an incredible Parisian feel. The 13 sticker set easily applies to any smooth ...Read More..


Self Stirring Mug

It’s the perfect mug for perfectly lazy people. Simply tip in your coffee or tea, the amount of sugar you want, add hot water and press the button on the handle and watch your beverage whirl and whirl as it starts to self stir it...Read More..