Unique Gifts For Women

Message in a Bottle USB Drive

This Message in a Bottle is a miniature empty glass bottle with a cork and a handy USB stick available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. This message in a bottle is quite literally a digital reincarnation of the romantic message-in-a-bottle. Use it to...Read More..

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Astronaut USB Light

Sometimes you just don't want to walk all the way over to the light switch to turn on a light, or you're looking to do some weird, creepy stuff on the computer. Luckily the USB Astronaut Light will illuminate your way...Read More..

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Levitating Moon Light

Here it is! The world's first levitating moon light. This is one of the coolest products around and looks sensational. The moon light has a wireless charging dock which features a touchable button for the ...Read More..

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Dinosaur Bottle Opener

For roarsome refreshment back from extinction, this cast-iron Tyrannosaurus Rex bites off bottle tops with ease. Like no other bottle opener, this monstrous utensil will be the center piece of any home bar or the talking point of any party....Read More..

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Crumpled Paper Paperweight

No, it's not a crumpled up piece of paper you are seeing, its a crumpled up piece of paper paper-weight. This clever paper-weight was originally created by the Museum of Modern Art and is made of rigid vinyl wrapped around a weight and made...Read More..

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Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock

You only get to hit snooze once on this out of control alarm clock on wheels. Once you slam that snooze button, the Runaway Alarm Clock jumps off your nightstand and starts wheeling and beeping around your bedroo...Read More..


Word Clock

Forget boring old numbers to tell the time, with the LED Word Clock you can see the time in text form. The clock selects the appropriate words to display the correct time to you displayed in 5 minute intervals. P...Read More..


R2 D2 Desk Vacuum

If your desktops R2 dirty that you need the R2 D2 Desk Vacuum to clean up your space. R2’s front leg works as a mini vacuum cleaner and when he collects enough dirt and needs emptying you simply unscrew his domed...Read More..


Useless Box Kit

The Useless Box Kit is perfect for the person who has everything or that one person who is impossible to buy for. This kit consists of several pieces which requires assembly (and a soldering iron) to build it together to form the...Read More..


Camera Lens Mug

Yes we know this Camera Lens Mug looks just like an actual camera lens but we can’t stop drinking our coffee from one of these. This would have to be one of the most original gifts you could give to any photographer as it looks j...Read More..


Splash Tunes Pro

Listen to music and answer calls right from the shower, bath or by the pool. The Splash Tunes Pro is the perfect Blue Tooth companion you have been looking for in your life. Completely waterproof, (yes it even floats), the Splash...Read More..


The Decision Maker

Ever been stuck on how to make a decision about a certain question? Worry no more with The Decision Maker. This handy little gadget will make decision making a breeze. Just think of your question, give it a spin and let the decis...Read More..


Birthday Countdown Timer

How many days until your birthday? Don’t know? Well, now with the Birthday Countdown Timer you can know exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds until your special day. Just punch in your date and watch the time count do...Read More..


Cell Phone Holder

Use this universal cell phone holder anywhere to hold your phone in place as you relax.  The lazy bracket is made with long arms so that you can adjust it to whatever position you want your phone to stay in.  Use it in your office, in the bedr...Read More..


Pet Paw Mousepad

Rest your hands on this comfy mousepad when you use your computer mouse.  The cute paw is designed to provide maximum comfort to your wrists and hands so that you can effectively work.  The mousepad features a sleep polyester surface with ergo...Read More..


Screen Cleaner

Brush up your screen with this iRoller before using your smart devices to get a clean and sharp image of your work and play.  This roller will quickly wipe away all the prints, dust, smears and yucky stuff off your computer, tablet and phone s...Read More..


Waterproof Shower Speaker

Sing like a rockstar right in your shower.  You know you love to sing in the shower, you can now enhance your singing experience with this bluetooth speaker for your shower. Just stick it anywhere in your shower and play all the great music yo...Read More..


Iphone Fan

Cool yourself off at anytime with this convenient and portable little fan.  Just like a charger, you just connect it to your phone and fan away.  The wings are soft and safe just in case you bring it too close to your face, it won't shave your...Read More..


Water Quality Tester

Check the quality of your tap water as frequently as you would like to ensure that your water is not being poisoned like in flint Michigan.  Sometimes there are chemicals in our water that are undetectable to the naked eye but with this tester...Read More..


Key Finder

Never lose your keys again.  Clip this smart key finder to your key chain and always be able to track their location.  No more struggling to find your keys at the worst moment possible.  You don't have to ask your loved ones if they have seen ...Read More..