Unique Gifts For Women

Original Gangster George Washington T-shirt

It doesn't get any more original than this Original Gangster George Washington T-shirt. As you can see from this tee, he was part of an elite gang and represented his membership by throwing a west side W sign.  

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LED Light Up Skeleton Gloves

If you need to give your party costume that extra dazzle then you need these LED Light Up Skeleton Gloves. Strikingly bright, these glowing gloves are perfect for kids, rave parties, clubs, festivals and can even be used by cyclists at nigh...Read More..

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Sip Caddy Cup Holder

Perfect for use in the bathtub, this Sip Caddy Cup Holder is the only portable cup holder in the world that can also hold your wine glass. Attach the cup holder to any smooth, nonporous surface and this handy drink butler can hold any item ...Read More..

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Coffee Spoon and Bag Clip

Spoon the right amount of coffee and seal the bag afterwards with this ingenious coffee spoon and bag clip. When you are finished filling up the coffee, just clip the packet tightly closed with the same spoon.  

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Floppy Disk Coasters

These Floppy Disk Coasters look so real your family and friends will question if you've ditched present day technology for vintage 1.44 MB floppies. They each have individual familiar messages from the 90's printed on them incl...Read More..

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Simple Modern Water Bottles

These Simple Modern Water Bottles are double walled and vacuum insulated which will keep your favorite beverages hot or cold for hours.

They feature a double wall exterior with a va...Read More..

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Glass Creamer Carton

With a charming design that evokes the half-pint milk carton, this molded clear Glass Creamer Carton puts a different spin on an everyday item. Made from durable glass the Half-Pint Glass Creamer is shaped just ...Read More..

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Martini Straw Sipper Glass

Take your martini cocktail to a whole new level with a Martini Straw Sipper Glass. These martini glasses feature a unique design with a long spiral straw and hollow stem so you can enjoy your martinis from the bottom up. Made from high qual...Read More..

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LED Fan Clock

This LED Fan Clock is not only convenient but practical as well. It features an adjustable neck so you can position the cool breeze anywhere you wish plus it also shows you the exact time. Very easy to use, you simply plug it into any USB p...Read More..

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Ugly Christmas Sweater For Wine Bottle

Dress your wine bottle with an ugly Christmas sweater this Holiday season to give your host a good laugh.  Dress up alike and go to an ugly Christmas sweater party.  You can even throw a holiday party yourself and decorate all your wine with u...Read More..


Double Dish Bowl and Snack Serving Bowl

This unique and unusual Double Dish Bowl and Snack Serving Bowl allows you to enjoy anything with a shell or anything else that needs discarding or dipping by hiding the mess. If you love eating pistachios, edamame, olives or anything with ...Read More..

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The Hangover Solution Pill

Take this pill after a hangover and you will start to feel much better.  It is vegetarian and the perfect antidote to your annoying hangover from last nights party.  Infused with nutrients like Milk Thistle, artichoke leaf, Kudzu flower ...Read More..


Doughnut Warming Mug

Eat your warm doughnut and drink your hot coffee doubling your morning pleasure of breakfast with the Doughnut Warming Mug. This awesome coffee mug lets you drink your hot coffee and warm your tasty treat at the same time. The hot steam ris...Read More..

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Caffeine Molecule Necklace

This is the perfect gift for the ultimate coffee lover, the caffeine molecule necklace. The science of coffee can now be worn around your neck so that you can always be caffeinated. It's stylish and sophisticated and can make anyone look su...Read More..

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Art Socks

Express your love of fine art with these iconic art images printed on your socks.  You can wear the greatest pieces of art right on your feet.  Not wearing these art socks would be a crime and should go in the hall of frames.  You will be draw...Read More..

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iphone Charger Bracelet

Always have an iPhone charger on hand with this handy iPhone Charger Bracelet. This bracelet is a 3-in-1 tool, it features a USB charging cable, transmission line and is also a classic leather bracelet. Incredibly durable and practical this...Read More..

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Ninja Dart Coat Hooks

Add some organization and style to your mudroom or landing area with these steel Ninja Dart Coat Hooks. They easily screw into the wall and become sturdy hooks to hang coats, jackets, purses, umbrellas and more on.

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Pizza Cone Making Set

Pizza in a cone? Why not? Everybody loves pizza, if you say you don’t, you’re lying. Pizza cones are the newest way to prepare fun pizzas for yourself, friends and family. This pizza cone making set is non-stick for easy clean-up and featur...Read More..

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Doughnuts: 90 Simple and Delicious Recipes

However you like your doughnuts, this cookbook entitled, Doughnuts 90 Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home, is made just for you. Whichever way you like them you just can't beat freshly made and they are surprisingly simple to make....Read More..

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Wine Condoms

Protect your wine from spoiling without having to re-cork.  These wine condoms sit flush with the rim of the wine bottle and create a water-tight seal.  You can place the bottle upright or sideways in the refrigerator after you have sealed the...Read More..