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Cutting Board Tablet Stand

Cutting Board Tablet Stand

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Give your tablet or cookbook a proper spot on the counter with this Cutting Board Tablet Stand. This handy item looks like a cutting board but is actually a handy stand to hold your cookbook or electronic device while cooking. It also helps to keep spills and messy ingredients off your electronics while adding a touch of style to your kitchen.

The stand is constructed of wood composite with a smooth painted surface and a foldable easel back. It easily holds cookbooks or a variety of electronic devices, iPads, Surface Tablets, Kindles, or any smart phone. 

  • Holds cookbook or tablet at an easy to read angle.
  • Keeps your recipe, tablet or cookbook up and away from spills.
  • Counters are less cluttered, with more room to work.
  • Easel leg folds in for compact storage.
  • Fun graphics in classic colors compliment any decor.
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