Unique Gifts For Men

Battery Storage Organizer

One of the most annoying things to organize are the batteries you have in your home.  Most of the time we just leave them laying around or in the opened box they came in.  Now you can neatly store them anywhere and...Read More..

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Bazooka Dog Ball Launcher

Don't just toss the ball to play with your dog, use a bazooka launcher to blast the ball for the ultimate fetch fun.  Your dog will love this extreme fetch experience as the bazooka launches the ball for you so that you don't have to swing ...Read More..

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Beanie Bluetooth Headphone Speaker

This wireless Beanie Bluetooth Headphone Speaker hat keeps your head warm and music playing for you at the same time. Answer phone calls and listen to music hands free. Features premium double soft knit to provide the...Read More..

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Beardski Ski Mask

The Beardski Ski Mask is sure to offer cozy warmth even in the most extreme elements and snow. The neoprene woven thermal fleece lining is comfortable and accented with a beard to brag about! Each Beardski is on...Read More..

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Beef Jerky Dehydrator Kit

Nesco American Harvest Beef Jerky Dehydrator Kit with Jerky Gun includes everything needed to make delicious home made jerky. Just add ground meat. Features a 350 Watt, fixed temperature, and top down power head...Read More..

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Beer Belly Reducing Soap

This funny gift for men is a fragrant soap that has the dubious claim of having the ability to scale back decades of beer drinking! Few are convinced of the weight-reducing capabilities of this novelty soap, how...Read More..

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Beer Bible Book

This book is your guide to all the beers in the world.  Learn about the many types of beers that exist and everything there is to know about them to be beer literate.  You can now go to the bar and explore with confidence.  Enjoy the taste ...Read More..

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Beer Cap Map

Travel the world in search of the finest and the most flavorful beer and document your journey with this awesome beer cap map.  You can also order beer unique to each region of the the country and compare the tastes and culture associated w...Read More..

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Beer'd Bottle Opener

You can still be a real man without a beard (apparently), but you definitely can't be a real man without a Beer'd Bottle Opener. A cool beard design with key ring attachment, the Beer'd Bottle Opener is perfect ...Read More..

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Belt Buckle Flask

Wear the coolest belt buckle ever.  This awesome belt buckle comes complete with a flask to keep you hydrated when you need it most.  You can now bring the party on your belt.  It comes with an easy snap on clip so that you can fit it on an...Read More..

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Best Burr Coffee Grinder

The BISTRO Electric Burr Grinder crushes the coffee beans between conical burrs rather than chopping them, preventing the coffee from losing its characteristic taste and aroma. By twisting the upper bean contain...Read More..

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Best Whisky Rocks


Don’t suffer another moment of drinking warm or room-temperature whiskey – just because you don’t want it watered down from ice cubes.

The lates...Read More..

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Bitch Slap Strong Coffee

Keep that pimpin' hand strong! If you see someone dragging along, give them a Coffee Bitch Slap and tell 'em "Drink Up, Wake Up!" The roaster is able to add or subtract heat to change the speed at which the coffee is roasted.

During ...Read More..

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Black Bar Paparazzi Glasses

Be "unseen" wearing these sassy Black Bar Paparazzi Glasses. On their own, the glasses appear to be ridiculous looking sunglasses. However, in a social setting, you will instantly become the life of the party. Inhibit...Read More..

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Bloody Footprints Bath Mat

If you love Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and horror films in general, you will love this mat in your bathroom.  It looks like someone stepped out of the shower with bloody footprints right onto your mat.  This is a great way to get your guests sp...Read More..

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Blue Titanium Crystal Cluster

Beautiful and stunning, these blue Titanium coated crystal clusters need to be seen to be believed. They start out as a natural quartz cluster and undergo a process where a layer of titanium is fused to the surface of the quartz. This resul...Read More..

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Blueberry Popsicle Sculpture

This cool sculpture is designed to look like a melting blueberry popsicle. Inspired by the Pop Art movement, this fun sculpture makes a colorful addition with a flavorful twist to any living space. The sculpture is made of resin and a woode...Read More..

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Bogeyman Egg Separator

Very gross but very handy, the Bogeyman Egg Separator is a must have in every kitchen. Great for the chef in the family this separator will make separating those yolks and whites so much easier. Just break a raw egg into Mr Bogey...Read More..

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Boho Guitar

Play the guitar boho style with this surf wax oil can guitar.  It has 21 frets, 25.5" scale length and has a mellow and glassy sound.  The perfect way to end an evening at the beach by the sunset.  Great for gatherings and intimate settings.Read More..

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Bone Pens

Next time you have to study anatomy just pick up one of these bone pens and visualize the terminology. These pens are great gifts for anyone in the medical field or currently studying medicine. If you like your doctor show them your humor b...Read More..

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