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Be the king of your desk with this regal knight pen holder.

Be the king of your desk with this regal knight pen holder.

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Are you tired of searching the depths of your desk drawers for that elusive pen? Do you want to feel like a king (or queen) even when it's time to sign off on important documents? We have just the thing—this regal knight pen holder!

This knight pen holder is designed to look like a bowing knight, hands raised and ready to offer up his trusty modern quill whenever you need it. He stands faithfully at your side, holding tight whatever implement you choose. So when it's time for the big signing ceremonies or just small doodles and scribbles for fun, you always have a nice pen waiting for duty.

Make sure that your signature is given its proper due recognition with this stylishly classy pen holder. Get your very own knight pen holder today and experience the regal feeling of having a loyal servant ever ready at your beck-and-call!

  • Keep your desk tidy with this pen holder.
  • Comes with a pen included.
  • Available in a variety of colors to match your style.
  • Can be used to hold any pen, pencil or implement. 
  • Has a regal and stylish design.
  • Pen is held securely by the knight.
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