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Barmaid Smart Cocktail Machine

Barmaid Smart Cocktail Machine

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The amazing Bibo Barmaid Cocktail achine is a smart cocktail machine that allows you to create expertly crafted mixed drinks with the touch of a button. The 3-part system includes the Bibo Barmaid countertop appliance, 3 Bibo Cocktail Mixer pouches (Cucumber Melon, Tangerine Paloma and Margarita), a shot glass and a shaker.

Whether entertaining a crowd or making a single serving, the Bibo Barmaid Smart Cocktail Machine makes expertly blended mixed drinks in 20 seconds. Just add your favorite flavor pouch, press "Mix" and enjoy. No more missing out on the fun of your own party. Now you can host a party and truly enjoy it too – let Bibo be your bartender so that you can relax and enjoy your guests!

Features include:

- Enjoy your mixologist-crafted cocktail in 20 seconds. Bibo ‘smart technology’ makes every drink perfect - every time!

- Make cocktails fun and easy with Bibo! Cleans at the touch of a button. Eliminates waste, no more half-used mixers. Sleek, compact design displays beautifully, stores easily.

- Contents: 1 Bibo Barmaid System, 1 Shaker, 1 Shot Glass and 3 sample Bibo Cocktail mixers made in USA (Cucumber Melon, Tangerine Paloma and Margarita).

- Makes entertaining easy with a variety of naturally-flavored cocktail mixes to offer guests. 6 flavors available, sold separately.

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