Unique Gifts For Men

LED Rainbow Shower Head

Fill your day with some color with the LED Rainbow Shower Head. This awesome shower head is self powered by water pressure only and requires no batteries or electricity to bring some vibrancy to your daily shower. J...Read More..

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Movie Quotes & Sarcasm T-Shirt

Here it is, the classic, "I speak fluent MOVIE QUOTES and SARCASM" t-shirt. If every word that comes out of your mouth is from the cinema then you definitely need this awesome t-shirt in your wardrobe. Great gift for the nerd who won't stop...Read More..

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Luggage Scooter

Luggage Scooter is the innovative new luggage that moves you! This luggage is an ultra cool case with a scooter attached, providing maximum flexibility that lets you pull, fold, ride, and get to the gate on time. The ...Read More..

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Black Bar Paparazzi Glasses

Be "unseen" wearing these sassy Black Bar Paparazzi Glasses. On their own, the glasses appear to be ridiculous looking sunglasses. However, in a social setting, you will instantly become the life of the party. Inhibit...Read More..

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i-Umbrella Stand

Bring the garden lawn into your home with the i-Umbrella Stand. This umbrella stand features a sleek and minimal white design and comes complete with a bedding of very realistic looking artificial grass. ...Read More..

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Shark Sea Floor Mural

Bring an underwater world into your bathroom, (or any room) with this amazing Shark Sea Floor Mural. These life-like waterproof murals are super easy to apply with no gluing required as each mural is made from v...Read More..

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T-Shirt Folder

Ever buy a new t-shirt, get it home and wish you could fold it back up like it was in the store? Well now you can with the fool proof T-shirt Folder. Fold your t-shirts like a pro in a matter of seconds with this handy folding ai...Read More..


Sneaker Socks

Love Converse? Well, you will love these super sassy silly sneaker socks (try saying that fast 5 times). Baffle your friends with the illusion that you’re wearing real connies when you’re actually just wearing patterned socks. Fe...Read More..


Wooden Tie

How much would a wood tie cost if a would tie could tie wood? Be different with this wooden tie instead of the boring conventional tie, wear this amazing new tie.  Easy to wear without having to learn out to tie it, you can just slip it around...Read More..


Voyager Animated LED Shirt

Prepare for the ultimate takeoff into the unknown with this amazing Voyager shirt.  The shirt features an animated space pattern that glows using new EL panel technology.  The battery pack is hidden in a discrete pocket at the bottom of the sh...Read More..


Body Builder Rain Poncho

Have more fun in the rain with this ripped body builder rain poncho.  Be seen from a mile away while you stay dry under heavy rain.  Protect your clothes from getting wet and soggy by quickly slipping on a body builder poncho.  You can go danc...Read More..


Money Suit

For the love of money, stop blending in and start standing out with this awesome cash suit. It's got luxury written all over it in the form of Benjamins.   There is nothing sexier than a confident man and this suit says I'm confident enough to...Read More..


Camera Film Cufflinks

Arrive in style with the movie magic right on your arms.  Best gift anyone into photography can appreciate.  These cufflinks are designed to look just like the film in an old camera.  The are super cute and colorful and look amazing on a dress...Read More..


El Chapo Shirt (Red)

Dress like a notorious drug king pin at your next party and steal all the attention of the night.  Girls will swoon over your handsome looks and dangerous fashion sense.  This is the famous shirt worn by El Chapo Guzman, leader of the famous d...Read More..


Death Star Cufflinks

Give him a unique and unusual gift of the Star Wars Death Star cufflinks.  He can sport the force on his suit and stand out from the crowd.  If he is a Star Wars fan, then he will love these cufflinks that are bot elegant and unique at the sam...Read More..


Narcos Pablo Escobar T-Shrit

If you love the Netflix hit series Narcos, then you will love this funny Pablo Escobar smiling mugshot t-shirt.  This t-shirt is a great way to get way to get people talking about serious issues and especially about the badass tv show Narcos. ...Read More..


Asshole Merit Badge

This perfect asshole merit badge patch is made by KM Outfitters and is the perfect gift for you know who! That could be him, her or even yourself, depending on the context, which we will leave up to you to decide. The only thing I will say ...Read More..


Light Up Bow Tie

Ring in the New Year with this stunningly stylish bow tie.  You will light up the party with your charm and creative fashion.  The bow tie makes you look sophisticated and handsome and the outlined lights bring on the charm.  You will be surpr...Read More..


Light Up Party Suspenders

These suspenders are the perfect accessory to any party.  If you want to stand out and be the coolest dressed person in the party, wear these awesome light up suspenders.  The size is adjustable to fit comfortably.  They are elastic and str...Read More..


Internet Censorship Glasses

No you can act a fool at parties and not worry about your pics ending up on social media.  Who wants their boss being them drinking out of a beer pong?  Wear these glasses at parties and get instant internet censorship.  Everyone will think it...Read More..