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12 in 1 Survival Kit

12 in 1 Survival Kit

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This 12 in 1 survival kit ensures you have access to the necessary tools at the right time if you're ever stuck in a little pickle in the great outdoors. This survival kit comes packed in an ultra durable and waterproof carry case which is about the size of a small book.

The 12 items in this survival kit include the following:

1. Upgraded Survival Knife,
2. Survival Bracelet,
3. Wire Saw,
4. Water Bottle Clip,
5. Emergency Blanket,
6. Flint Stone Scraper,
7. Flashlight,
8. Credit Card Knife,
9. Tactical Pen,
10. Multi-use 7-in-1 Spoon Fork,
11. Pocket Bellow, and
12. Waterproof Box.

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