Gifts Under $50

This is our hand picked selection of odd, unique and clever gifts all priced under $50

Surreal Salvador Dali

Anyone who loves art knows and loves the surrealism and genius of Salvador Dali.  This watch is the perfect gift for any hipster who loves and appreciates art.  

Shovel Dessert Fork & Spoon Set

This unique shovel shaped spoon and pitch fork are a great fun addition to your desert serving set.  Use it for dinner parties and any entertaining occasions to bring a little enjoyment to your deserts.  

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Underwear Phone Case

Have a laugh and share smiles with this funny underwear phone case.  

  • Compatible Model: Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5"
  • Made of high...Read More..


Tank Follows Magic Pen

Watch how this tank magically follows the pen mark as you draw.  

Draw a thick line on a white paper, the tank will run on the line automatically
If the line is f...Read More..


Hi, I'm Mat Doormat

This hilarious, Hi I'm Mat Doormat is the perfect way to make sure your guests are welcomed and have a laugh the moment they arrive on your doorstep. Filled with humor, this mat is made from coconut husks for a long lasting, eco-friendly ma...Read More..

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Shoelace Magnets

You will never have to tie up your laces ever again with these Shoelace Magnets. They are the fastest, easiest way to put on and take off your shoes. No knots, no tying, no squeezing, no laces coming undone and no sloppy bows ever again. Th...Read More..

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USB Toast Hand Warmers

Don't let your hands get cold as you work and relax.  Wear these toasty hand warmers and enjoy the comforts of having warm hands all the time.

  • Two Detachable USB Power...Read More..


Boyfriend Pillow

The original Boyfriend Pillow from Deluxe Comfort delivers exceptional buoyancy and is a favorite among those who love to sleep close to a masculine man’s body. The supremely-comfortable pillow is shaped like a buff...Read More..

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Smart Egg Tray

This egg tray that tells you how many eggs you have left and which eggs are the oldest.  As you remove the eggs it detects it and syncs with your phone to let you know the exact count of your eggs.  It helps a lot when you go grocery shoppi...Read More..


Watermelon Tap

Secure this tap onto a hollowed out watermelon and fill it with your desired drink to enjoy a refreshing summer cocktail.  

  • Use this kit to turn an everyday watermelon...Read More..


Slippers That Scrub & Massage

These slippers are great to wear in the shower to get a great foot rub.  They will massage your feet and scrub them clean.  You will come out of the shower with beautifully cleaned, soft and pampered feet.  Go ahead and enjoy your showers e...Read More..


Mug With A Hoop

This oversized Mug With A Hoop lets you play with your food by tossing marshmallows into hot cocoa, crackers into your soup, or toppings onto ice cream. Shaped exactly like half a basketball with a hoop attached to the back of its handle, i...Read More..

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Splashguard for kids hair

Give your kids a splash free and soap free baths with this kids friendly rinser.  Kids don't like getting water on their little faces and will shy away from baths and showers for this specific reason.  Help them get over their shower fears wit...Read More..


Emergency Water Filter

Carry this Emergency Water Filter with you wherever you go and you will never have to worry about having clean water to drink in any emergency situation. This straw is a must-have for your emergency kit in car, home or your camping bag.  Read More..

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Tool Belt With Real Tools

This "tool" tool belt has actual tools in its buckle that you can use to fix things around the house or anywhere you go.  It's an emergency tool kit.  It is fashionable as well as handy.  Set a new trend with this ultimate tool belt.  

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Hidden Pocket Sports Bra

This North Face Hidden Pocket Sports Bra is the must-have bra for gym fit women. The double-layered sports bra features an internal storage pocket to hold keys, money, gym card or anything else you want to keep safe while you work out.

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Wizard Of Oz Witch In Book

Make reading time fun with this creative and unique rare collectors item bookmark of the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz.  When you leave it in your book it look as if you have captured the witch inside your book. You can even pretend like i...Read More..


Cookie Donut Pillow

This unique pillow looks so realistic you are going to want to eat it. It will instantly bring charm and character to any plain living room. Your kids and guest will find it very amusing so use it anywhere to bring a little sweetness to you...Read More..

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Whatever I'm Late Clock

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to slow down and not get so carried away with our busy schedules.  This clock brings some fun and humor into our hectic and perfectly timed lives. 

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Bracelet Buddy

The bracelet buddy helps you tie your bracelet by yourself without asking anyone to help you. Contains 1 piece bracelet buddy, Lends a helping hand who has difficulty putting on a bracelet with a clasp and Secures one end of your bracelet. ...Read More..

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