Christmas Gifts

Finding unique Christmas Gifts may sound simple but is not easy. People are tired of giving and receiving the same old boring christmas gifts. This is exactly where Odd Gifts comes in by helping you find the most unusual and yet awesome christmas gifts for your loved ones. Using our gift guides, you are guaranteed to find unique and exciting gift ideas that would make sure you never buy a boring Christmas gift again.

Star Wars Water Bottle

This R2D2 Star Wars water bottle has a stainless steel interior and exterior to keep your liquids extra cool for hours. It features an easy one touch push button that instantly opens the cover to expose the straw for easy sipping on the go. Hy...Read More..

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Galileo Thermometer

If you consider yourself a collector of unique geeky treasures then you have struck gold with this incredible Galileo Thermometer with a glass globe thermometer. Those in love with science can relate to the mechanics of this thermometer and...Read More..

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Drunk Stoned Or Stupid

Bring some entertainment and fun to your parties with the Drunk Stoned Or Stupid game. This is the adult board game for parties to break the ice and get the fun started.

The game comes with 250 premium playing cards with sharp print....Read More..

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Star Wars Coffee Mug

May the froth be with you every time you drink from this Star Wars coffee mug. This mug features a high resolution image of a stormtrooper and reads; "May the froth be with you." This isn't a stick-on decal it is an actual logo printed on t...Read More..

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Coloring Book For Adults

Drink and try to color in this fun coloring book for adults.  Spend your happy hour coloring and enjoying what you used to enjoy when you were a kid.  Studies show that coloring keeps your memory sharp and slows down deterioration.  Not onl...Read More..

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Princess Car Seat

Your kid will feel like Cinderella every time they hop into the car with this royal style princess car seat. This car seat has a contoured seat, padded seat cover and a detachable sparkle cape that can double as a blanket. Help bring your k...Read More..

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Shark Pet Bed

Give your pet a ferocious place to sleep with this awesome shark pet bed. Your pet will take an instant liking to this snuggly cuddly bed. Once they climb inside the jaws it will look as if your pet is sleeping inside the mouth of a fluffy ...Read More..

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Coffee Ring

This cute coffee mug and steam ring is the perfect gift for a coffee lover.  It makes the bold statement of how much you love coffee.  This fun ring is made from .925 good quality sterling sliver with rhodium plating for high polish. 

<...Read More..

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Breakfast Station

An all in one solution to your breakfast problem. Make your eggs, bacon, sausages, toast and coffee all at the same time with this incredible breakfast station. This handy gadget cooks all your ingredients perfectly all at the same time so ...Read More..

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Melting Cat Candle

This Melting Cat Candle reveals a grinning metallic cat skeleton beneath its exterior as the wax slowly melts away. At first glance this look like your ordinary everyday candle shaped like a cat. However, strike a match and light the wick a...Read More..

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Venus Fly Trap Plant

If you like to decorate your home with greenery and unusual plants than this Venus fly trap plant is for you. This incredible plant is one of the most unique and unusual plants in the world as it can trap and eat live insects like flies and...Read More..

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Adjustable Tablet Stand

Are you tired of holding your iPad or tablet in your hands or in your lap while trying to watch your favorite episode? Then you need this adjustable tablet stand. This stand works wonders by easily adjusting and firmly holding your tablet i...Read More..

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Cereal Marshmallows 1 Pound

Add a bit of cheer to any cereal you have at home with the Cereal Marshmallows 1 Pound bag. You don't have to buy the one kind of cereal that has the marshmallows and get three measly marshmallows in a whole bowl.  

Add as many as yo...Read More..

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Festival Feet Shoe Covers

Protect your shoes from getting muddy and dirty at festivals with these handy Festival Feet Shoe Covers. With these Festival Feet Covers you can rest assured that your feet will stay mud-less while you engage in your dancing, singing and ge...Read More..

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Middle Finger Umbrella

Give the finger when it rains and let everyone know you're not in the mood for the wet weather with this Middle Finger Umbrella. This brolly is a hilarious way to express your dislike for the rain and the slushy, icky, sticky, muddy ground. It...Read More..

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DIY Butter Making Kit

Make unique flavorful and aromatic butter using this DIY Butter Making Kit. The kit comes complete with a recipe book for both American and European butters. It also includes special spices, parchment paper and a reusable drain bag for stri...Read More..

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Belt Buckle Flask

This awesome belt buckle flask comes complete with a built-in flask to keep you hydrated when you need it most. You can now bring the party on your belt.  It also comes with an easy snap on clip so that you can fit it on any belt.

It...Read More..

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Dictionary Hidden Book Safe

This English Dictionary Hidden Book Safe is cleverly disguised with a lockable safe inside it. Ideal for storing emergency cash and valuable jewelry.

Help keep your valuable items safe at home or while you travel. This book safe with...Read More..

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LED Tactical Knife

This spring assisted LED Tactical Knife features an easy one-handed deployment plus an LED light in the handle. Once the blade is open, it locks securely in place by the use of its liner lock. The knife has a 3.25 inch thick serrated stainl...Read More..

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Musical Notes Throw Blanket

Bring the joy of music and sound into your home with this whimsical Musical Notes Throw Blanket. This blanket adds a touch of elegance and class to any room and is perfect for a music-themed bedroom. The throw is covered with musical motifs...Read More..

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Color Changing Heart Mug

Light up your heart with this amazing color changing heart mug.  As you fill the mug with warm liquids, the heart slowly changes color from bottom up.  Give your loved ones a heart warming gift, literally.

You will love watching the ...Read More..

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