Glow In The Dark Lab Kit

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Let your kids learn science with this Glow In The Dark Lab Kit. Kids can try their hand at science experiments using a unique set of lab tools including mixing and measuring tools as well as creature molds, glow sticks, fluorescent ink, a black-light activator, and an abundance of potions like polymers and glow-in-the-dark powder to concoct 20 science experiments that glow, ooze and bounce.

Make glowing slime, foaming alien blood, bouncing glow-balls and more with this kit. Lab components include 2 test tubes with stand, beaker, mixing bowl, funnel, mix-n-measure scoop, handheld UV light, 4 glow-stick bracelets and connectors, 3 creature molds, super-ball mold, glow powder, fluorescent ink, super-bounce polymer, polymer snow, sticker sheet, and a 24-page illustrated activity book.

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