6 Genius Kitchen Gadgets

6 Genius Kitchen Gadgets

These 6 genius kitchen gadgets are all designed to make your life easier in the kitchen not to mention they are all super clever and fun to use.


If you love mangos then you are going to love this 3 In 1 mango slicer, peeler and pit remover. It easily removes pits, slices and peels mangos all with one easy to use tool.

3 In 1 Mango Slicer, Peeler and Pit Remover



This handy mini doughnut maker not only makes mini doughnuts but can also be used to make mini cakes, brownies, muffins and more which are sure to impress the kids, family and friends.

Mini Doughnut Maker



This brilliant hot dog toaster makes an amazing addition to everyone's kitchen. Simply pop in your buns, pop in your dogs and in a matter of minutes you’ve got fresh hot dogs ready for your favorite condiments.

Hot Dog Toaster



The twist whisk saves you from that one kitchen aggravation we all hate; the whisk jamming up the drawer. With a simple twist of this whisk's handle, it instantly becomes flat for easy storage. Not only that, but because the simple twist makes it flat it becomes two whisks in one, a flat whisk plus a balloon whisk. Happy cooking.

Twist Whisk



If you hate juggling a sharp serrated bread knife to slice your bagels in half, then you are going to love this bagel slicer. Super easy to use, just place your bagel in the base of the slicer and insert the top handle to cut your bagel perfectly in half every time with no fuss.

Bagel Slicer



This cast-iron garlic roaster and squeezer set cooks up delicious roasted garlic every time. It can be used on a gas grill, kitchen oven and even hot coals. The roaster will draw out the yummy garlic flavors making the cloves tender and juicy ready to be served up spread on bread, crackers or any other way you love to enjoy your cooked garlic.

Garlic Roaster and Squeezer Set

We hope you enjoyed this list of 6 genius kitchen gadgets. Be sure to check out our other posts and our store featuring handy kitchen items for every day life. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

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