3 In 1 Mango Slicer, Peeler and Pit Remover

  • $15.99

This 3 In 1 mango slicer, peeler and pit remover removes pits, slices and peels mangos all with one easy to use tool. We all know mangos are tasty and delicious but a real hassle to prepare which is where this nifty tool comes to the rescue and makes preparing mangos a breeze.

This peeler features a micro-serrated stainless steel blade which easily slices through tough mango skin and is perfect for removing pits of various sizes with minimal waste of mango flesh.

The gadget's base secures the mango in place and also acts as a 2-in-1 for peeling. Simply press the edge of the skin over the holder's edge and it will carve away the skin in seconds leaving you with fresh, delicious mango flesh.

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