21 Clever Kitchen Gadgets You Absolutely Need… number 4 is a game-changer

A half peeled apple in a rotary apple peeler along with text which reads, 21 clever kitchen gadgets you absolutely need, number 4 is a game changer.

Whether you're a seasoned cook or just starting out in the kitchen, there are certain handy kitchen gadgets that can make your life so much easier while cooking.

In this post, we'll share 21 of our favorite clever kitchen gadgets that you absolutely need. From multi-purpose tools to silicone baking molds, these clever gadgets will help you prepare amazing meals with ease.

So, without further ado, let's get started! Oh, and don’t forget to check out number 4, we simply can’t live without it.

21. Corn Stripper

Looking to make light work of corn on the cob? Then you need a corn stripper in your life! This nifty little kitchen gadget is designed to strip corn kernels off a cob in seconds, so you can enjoy sweet corn without any of the faff.

But this isn't just any old corn stripper. The innovative design means that it's also resistant to slipping, making sure those pesky kernels don't go flying all over the place. And the durable construction means that it will stand up to regular use, meaning you'll be able to enjoy sweet corn season after season.

So whether you're a BBQ enthusiast or simply love a good old-fashioned roasted cob, make sure you've got a corn stripper handy.

A pair of hands using a silver metal corn stripper which is stripping kernels of a cob of cornA silver metal kitchen corn stripper resting on a plate which has a cob of corn and loose corn kernels after being stripped off the cob.

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20. Cabbage Shredder

Looking for an easy way to shred cabbage for coleslaw or sauerkraut? Look no further than this cabbage shredder! This handy kitchen tool quickly and easily chops cabbage into thin strips, making meal prep a breeze.

Made of sturdy stainless steel, this cabbage shredder is built to last. The comfortable grip handle ensures easy maneuvering, while the sharp blades make quick work of cabbage shredding. Plus, the cabbage shredder is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

So whether you're a sauerkraut lover or coleslaw fanatic, the cabbage shredder is a must-have kitchen gadget.

Get yours today and make meal prep a snap!

A pair of hands using a green colored cabbage shredder to shred cabbage into a bowlA pair of hands using a cabbage shredder tool to shred a purple cabbage into a bowl.

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19. Avocado Peeler and Slicer

Looking for a nifty little kitchen gadget that can make short work of an avocado? Meet the avocado peeler and slicer!

This versatile tool can open, remove the seed, and slice an avocado all with the one tool. Perfect for making healthy snacks or delicious guacamole, this little gadget is a must-have for any avocado lover.

It’s also super easy to use—simply insert the blade into the avocado and twist to open. Then, remove the seed with the handy attachment. Finally, use the fan blade to slice the avocado flesh into neat pieces with the comfortable grip handle. It’s that easy!  With this handy tool, you’ll be able to make all your favorite avocado treats.

A pair of hands using a green 3 in 1 avocado tool to remove flesh from half an avocadoA pair of hands using an avocado tool to piece the outer skin of an avocado preparing to cut it open

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18. Fried Egg Flipper

This fried egg flipper is a handy little spatula that will make your breakfast experience a whole lot better!

No more struggling to flip your fried eggs, this flipper does the job perfectly every time. Simply pick up your fried egg with the cleverly designed spatula and easily flip it over without having egg flying all over the place. Plus, it can also be used for flipping meat, pancakes, fish and much more.

It's the must-have kitchen tool for anyone who loves their fried eggs just right!

An egg flipper holding a fried egg out of a frying pan preparing to flip itAn egg flipper tool holding a cooked steak with another insert image of a fully cooked steak and a fried egg.

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17. Julienne Peeler

Looking for a great way to add some excitement to your cooking? With this fabulous julienne peeler, you can quickly and easily transform even the most mundane of vegetables into something special. Whether you're looking to add some extra flair to your dinner party spread or just want to make your weekday lunches a little more exciting, this peeler is the perfect tool for the job.

With its soft grip handle and sleek design, this peeler is not only comfortable to use but also easy on the eyes. Plus, it's available in two colors so you can choose the one that best suits your style. So why wait? Get peeling today!

A grey and green julienne peeler resting on a chopping board with two peeled carrots nearbyA green and grey julienne peeler with a silver blade on a white background.

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16. Sunflower Seed Peeler

Looking for a handy tool to make removing the shell from sunflower seeds a breeze? Look no further than the sunflower seed peeler!

This nifty gadget is just what you need to make short work of those pesky shells. With just a few quick swipes, you'll have perfectly peeled sunflower seeds that are ready to eat or use in your favorite recipe.

The sunflower seed peeler is also great for other types of seeds like pumpkin seeds.

So go ahead and save yourself some time and hassle with this must-have kitchen tool.

A green and pink sunflower seed peeler with some scattered sunflower seeds in the foreground.A green sunflower seed peeler gadget with a hand placing a sunflower seed into the mechanism. There are various seeds scattered around the device.

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15. Silicone Donut Mold

Making donuts just got a whole lot easier with this silicone donut mold.

With this handy donut mold you'll be able to easily make perfect and tasty donuts every time. Create your own healthy donuts or if you’re feeling naughty make some tasty, sugary donut treats, the choice is yours.

Plus, they're dishwasher and microwave safe, so clean-up is a breeze. So, get ready to enjoy delicious homemade donuts any time you crave them!

One green and one blue silicone donut molds with colorful donuts inside the molds resting on a kitchen benchTwo silicone donut molds, one blue and one green. There are 6 donuts in the green mold and the blue mold is reversed. There are cooked donuts and a recipe book nearby. 

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14. Kiwi Fruit Cutter

Looking for a quick and easy way to open and slice kiwi fruit? Look no further than the kiwi fruit cutter!

This handy kitchen tool makes it a breeze to enjoy this delicious fruit. Simply place the cutter over the kiwi fruit, press down, and twist - the kiwifruit will be evenly sliced and ready to eat.

The sharp stainless steel blades make perfect cuts every time, so you can enjoy beautiful kiwi fruit slices that are perfect for snacking, salads, or topping off your favorite desserts.

The comfortable grip handle ensures ease of use, even for those with small hands.

The kiwi fruit cutter is an essential tool for any kiwi lover - add one to your kitchen today!

A hand using a kiwi fruit cutter to slice an already open kiwi fruit. Four step instructions on how to use the kiwi fruit cutter showing the gadget in use on a kiwi fruit itself.

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13. Five Hole Squeeze Bottle

If you're looking for a squeeze bottle that will add a little fun and personality to your food presentation, then this five hole squeeze bottle is just what you need!

With five holes in the screw top, you can get creative with your condiments and use them to decorate your dishes in all sorts of ways.

This bottle is perfect for dressings, sauces, syrups, and many other liquid toppings. And because it's transparent, you'll always be able to see how much product is left so you can plan accordingly. The ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and hold, even when your hands are wet. Plus, the large capacity means you won't have to refill it as often.

The possibilities are endless – let your imagination run wild!

A five hole squeeze bottle filled with custard squirting 5 rows of custard on a danish. There are 2 other 5 hole bottles behind this.A close up view of the five hole squeeze bottle showing the five tiny holes and also showing the bottle in use.

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12. Triangle Sink Strainer

Looking for an easy and hassle-free way to dispose of your food waste? Look no further than the triangle sink strainer! This nifty little gadget attaches to your sink, allowing you to tip food waste straight into it. No more mess clogging up your sink drain and no more fuss!

But that's not all the triangle sink strainer can do – it's also great for washing fruit and vegetables.

So, whether you're preparing a meal or cleaning up after one, this clever little tool is sure to come in handy. So why not give it a try? You'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

A triangle sink strainer attached to a sink with a hand pouring waste into the strainer off a plate.A hand holding a triangle sink strainer with another hand pouring water from a bottle in the strainer.

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11. Fancy Rotary Apple Peeler

Looking for an incredibly easy way to peel and core apples? Look no further than this fancy rotary apple peeler!

With just a turn of the handle, this amazing tool can do the job within 3 seconds. Yep, 3 seconds. Plus, the suction grips offer non-slip and non-skid performance, so you can be sure your apples will stay put while you're working.

It's the perfect helper when you're preparing a lot of apples for pies, cobbler or other appley treats.

And it's not just for apples - you can also use it to core pears and slice potatoes, carrots, and more. So why wait? Get your very own rotary apple peeler today!

A pair of hands are using a black rotary apple peeler to peel a red apple which is half peeled.A half peeled apple in a rotary apple peeler which peels apple quickly.

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10. Five Piece Egg and Pancake Molds

Start your day off on the right foot with these five piece egg and pancake molds.

These molds are perfect for cooking pancakes, eggs, fritters, or even omelettes. They come in five different feel-good shapes that will put a smile on your face.

Made of high-quality materials, they are non-stick and easy to clean.

Whether you're making breakfast for yourself or for a crowd, these molds will help you create the perfect meal. Get yours today!

A five piece stainless steel set of molds used for frying eggs in different shapes including, circle, star, flower, heart and Mickey Mouse. The molds have fried eggs in them inside a frying pan.A five piece stainless steel set of molds used for frying eggs in different shapes including, circle, star, flower, heart and Mickey Mouse.

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9. Orange Peeler Ring

Introducing the sassiest and most innovative way to peel oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits - this orange peeler ring!

This unique ring is worn on your finger and allows you to quickly and easily peel oranges with minimal mess. With the orange peeler ring, there's no need for messy knives or difficult peelers.

Simply place the ring on your finger and hold the orange in your hand. The sharp blades on the ring will do all the work for you, effortlessly peeling away the skin in seconds.

The orange peeler ring is perfect for anyone who loves fresh citrus fruit but hates the hassle of peeling them. It's also great for those who have difficulty using traditional peelers or knives.

So go ahead and enjoy your fresh fruit - the orange peeler ring makes it easier than ever.

A persons hands wearing an orange peeler ring on their thumb while peeling an orange.A pair of hands holding an orange and an orange peeler ring preparing to peel an orange. 

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8. Kitchen Sink Fruit and Veg Washer

Looking for a quick and easy way to wash your fruit and vegetables? Look no further than this kitchen sink drainer!

This great product attaches easily to your sink, allowing you to wash your produce quickly and easily.

This innovative product is perfect for anyone who wants to save time and effort when washing their produce. Plus, it's super easy to clean – just remove it and pop it in the dishwasher!

One grey and one white fruit and vegetable washer. Both washers are attached to a kitchen sink and have freshly washed vegetables in them.A dark blue fruit and vegetable washer attached to a kitchen sink. Fresh water is coming out of the facet and washing cherries which are inside the container.

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7. Wavy Crinkle Cutting Knife

Looking for a fun and unique way to prepare your vegetables? Look no further than this wavy crinkle cutting knife!

This clever knife allows you to make crinkle cut potato chips and can also be used for other vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers. The blades are stainless steel, so you can trust that they will provide a clean cut every time.

So, ditch the boring old vegetable peeler and upgrade to this wavy crinkle cutting knife today!

A wavy shaped stainless steel knife slicing up a potato into crinkle cut shapes.A wavy shaped stainless steel knife slicing up a cucumber  into crinkle cut circular shapes.

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6. Heart Shaped Silicone Waffle Mold

Making waffles has never been easier than with this heart shaped silicone waffle mold! Non stick and easy to clean, this mold is perfect for making delicious waffles that will come out perfectly every time.

This mold withstands oven temperatures, so you can cook your waffles to perfection, and it's also microwave safe. This set also comes with a rectangular mold so you can make traditional-looking waffles if you're not in the mood for heart shaped waffles.

Whether you're making a romantic breakfast for two or feeding a crowd, these molds will make it quick and easy to make mouthwatering waffles everyone will love.

So go ahead and get one of these waffle mold sets today - your loved ones (and tastebuds) will thank you!

Red, blue and green heart shaped silicone waffle molds along with a red rectangular waffle mold used for making waffles.One red circular and one red rectangular shaped waffle molds. There are also cooked waffles showing how the waffles look after cooking.

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 5. Kitchen Cupboard Door Trash Can

The kitchen cupboard door trash can is a must-have for any kitchen.

This compact trash can easily attaches and hangs off any of your kitchen cupboard doors, allowing you to quickly and easily get rid of kitchen scraps.

No need to access a larger bin that may be tucked away in a cupboard somewhere - this kitchen cupboard door trash can makes cooking and clean-up a breeze. Plus, it takes up less room than larger trash cans, making it perfect for smaller kitchens.

Add the kitchen door trash can to your kitchen today and make life easier!

A compact grey trash can which is attached to the outside of a kitchen cupboard door. There are 3 other images showing the trash can in use.A small compact grey trash can on a kitchen floor along with a white compact trash can attached to a kitchen cupboard door.

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4. Herb Keeper and Saver

Looking to keep your herbs fresher for longer? Meet the herb keeper and saver - your new best friend in the kitchen!

Herbs are a wonderful addition to any dish - but they can be so expensive, and so frustrating when they go bad within a few days. That's where this herb saver saves the day...literally.

This handy little device triples the lifespan of fresh herbs, meaning you can enjoy their delicious flavor for much longer. It's also compact enough to fit in your refrigerator, and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

So why wait? Get the herb keeper and saver today and make your cooking more flavorful than ever!

A white herb saver and keeper gadget with fresh herbs inside designed to keep herbs fresher for longer.Three herb saver and keeper gadgets shown at different angles. The herb keepers are all filled with fresh herbs.

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3. Rice Washer

Looking to make perfect rice that's clean, fluffy and delicious every time? Look no further than this nifty rice washer!

This easy-to-use container washes and cleans rice quickly and efficiently, which helps to ensure your rice comes out perfectly cooked every single time. Plus, the rice washer is super easy to use - just add water, rice and then rinse! Then simply cook up your rice and you'll have perfectly cooked rice in no time.

Whether you're a beginner cook or a master chef, this rice washer is a must-have for anyone who loves perfectly cooked rice. So don't wait any longer - get yourself a rice washer today, and enjoy clean, perfect rice every time!

A hand is holding a rice washer and tipping out water with clean rice inside the rice washer.An empty rice washer with the lid off against a blue and pink background.

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2. Automatic Dumpling and Ravioli Mold

Looking for an easy way to make delicious dumplings and raviolis? Look no further than this automatic dumpling and ravioli mold!

This handy little device makes it quick and easy to create all sorts of delicious treats, from dumplings and raviolis to pies and pastries. Plus, it’s so easy to use that anyone can do it – even if you’ve never made dumplings or ravioli before!

So why wait? Get the automatic dumpling and ravioli mold today, and start making all sorts of delicious treats for your family and friends!

A hand is using a dumpling mold maker with two dumplings sitting in the mold about to be pressed together. There are prepared dumplings scattered around under the device.A view from above of a dumpling mold maker. There are ready made dumplings nearby the device.

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1. Vegetable Spiral Cutter

Looking to add some excitement to your cooking? With this vegetable spiral cutter, you can turn any old vegetable into a work of art.

Grab this handy gadget and simply spiralize your veggie of choice and voila - you've got a delicious, healthy, and Instagram-worthy meal. Works for creating fruit spirals as well.

Whether you're looking to impress your friends and family or just want to spice up your daily routine, this vegetable spiral cutter is a must-have kitchen gadget.

So why wait? Get creative in the kitchen today with the help of this vegetable spiral cutter.

A vegetable spiral cutter on a plate along with cucumber and carrot spirals created by the device.A silver and red vegetable spiral cutter on a plate with vegetable spirals made by the device.

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And we’re at the end…

Whether you’re in the market for a dumpling mold machine, a fried egg flipper or a rice washer, we hope this roundup of kitchen gadgets has given you some inspiration.
And if not, at least you now know about these ingenious inventions that can make your time in the kitchen a little bit easier (and maybe even more fun).
So, what’s your favorite gadget? Let us know in the comments below.

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