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Write down stories to tell for generations with these vintage leather journals.

Write down stories to tell for generations with these vintage leather journals.

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Make sure your personal notes and memories are treasured in the highest quality journal possible with this handmade, vintage leather journal.

Crafted from luxurious cruelty-free water buffalo genuine leather naturally tanned with oils, salt, and scents, these vintage leather journals create a unique item you won’t find anywhere else. With its distressed leather and antique vintage paper, it has an old-style look perfect for those who keep a journal.

The premium leather used for these journals is the highest quality of hide available to keep cherished moments safe. Because these hides are rarely touched by human hands, it retains much of its original texture and markings that occur naturally while living. There can be slight variations in color among these journals due to each hide being unique. 

These journals come in various sizes and colors, so whatever style you choose will hold years of stories to tell and each journal also contains a gorgeous antique-style key.

Invest in something special for your memories with one of these handmade, vintage leather journals, and assure yourself that each moment will be saved with care and respect.

  • Create a perfect one-of-a-kind journal with handmade leather and old-style pages.
  • Enjoy cruelty-free leather of the highest quality to cherish memories in.
  • Invest in something special that lasts for years to come.
  • Get unique texture and markings naturally occurring from the hide.
  • Secure your memories with an antique-style key included with each journal.
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