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Wax Seal

Wax Seal

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Add a touch of class to your invitations, letters and greeting cards with a custom wax seal stamp. This stunning wax seal features one letter so you can choose any letter of the alphabet from A - Z and use either your first or last name for the letter, or any letter you desire really.

This wax seal stamp also features a wooden handle and a stunning silver plated brass seal head adding a touch of style to the entire process of sealing an envelope with this. 

This wax seal will definitely leave a regal impression behind to the recipient of any letter sealed with this stamp.

This is definitely a stylish and classy gift that never goes out of fashion.

  • Choose any letter of the alphabet from A - Z for your stamp.
  • The wax seal head is silver plated brass.
  • Features a stunning wooden handle
  • Can be used for any purposes where a custom wax seal is required.
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