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These stunning roses stay fresh for an entire year!

These stunning roses stay fresh for an entire year!

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Make a statement with these stunning, long-lasting roses! These 100% natural flowers create a dramatic impact that lasts for an entire year and even longer with proper care.

Carefully hand-picked and arranged in a variety of colors by experienced florists, these beautiful blooms will bewitch you with their exquisite beauty. 

Amazingly enough, thanks to an environmentally friendly cutting-edge method, the roses stay fresh and vibrant for at least twelve months with no maintenance on your part. So forget the need to water them, forget the allergic reactions from pollen particles - these roses are guaranteed to emit no scent, no matter how long they survive! 

There are 5 gorgeous colors to choose from; red for passion, black for mystery, hot pink or light pink for ambition, or yellow for joyfulness - whichever appeals most to your sense of style. 

When purchasing this product, you’ll not only acquire an amazing gift that conquers time but you will also receive the roses displayed in a luxurious display box that adds extra value.

Make an unforgettable impression without any compromise, and get yourself these stunning roses that stay fresh for an entire year!

  • 100% real roses arranged by expert florists.
  • These roses look and feel like real flowers.
  • Available in 5 colors.
  • Preserved using a cutting-edge technique - no toxic ingredients or pollen allergy risk.
  • Stay fresh for months (even years!) without watering or sunlight.
  • The roses come in an elegant presentation box.
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