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The most incredible buildable scorpion you'll ever see

The most incredible buildable scorpion you'll ever see

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Real live scorpion spiders are scary enough with those pincers and all, but when we first clapped eyes on this unbelievable stainless steel metal scorpion, we just knew we had to get our hands on one. And we certainly weren't disappointed.

This incredible buildable scorpion is made up of numerous stainless steel parts and screws which require self-assembly by you, or by the person you're gifting it to; but we think you'll want to keep this critter for yourself to be honest.

Made from high-quality laser cut metal pieces, this scorpion model requires absolutely no gluing and is completely built by hand using the included screws and attachments. 

The details on this metal monster are stunning and even moveable. You can move his pincers, tail, legs and more. Although, this model has quite a number of sharp edges so we suggest keeping this kit away from children under 12 and maintain supervision at all times.

Building this was a lot more fun that we expected, it could have been completed in a number of hours but we choose to work on it over a few days to really savor the model building experience. It was relatively easy using the enclosed instructions and once completed we had that feeling of satisfaction from putting something together with our own hands. Plus it makes an impressive addition to the office desk.

All in all, this metal beast is outstanding and a lot of fun to build, making it a perfect gift idea for anyone who loves model kit building or accomplishing things with their hands.

- Made up of laser cut stainless steel pieces.
- Incredibly detailed scorpion design.
- Comes with assembly instructions.
- Scale 1:8
- Size 16*14*14CM after assembly.
- Recommended for people over 12 years of age with supervision.
- Comes with extra nuts and bolts if required.
- Simple to assemble.

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