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Solve the mystery of shady pets with this wildly popular card game.

Solve the mystery of shady pets with this wildly popular card game.

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Introducing Shady Pets – a wildly popular card game that's taking the world by storm! With over 30,000 copies sold it is officially one of the hottest card games out there. Perfect for adults, teens, and kids alike, Shady Pets will provide hours of fun for all.

This strategy-based card game is easy to learn and play - it will take you only 5 minutes to learn and 15 to 20 minutes to play. It combines components reminiscent of classic games like Clue and Uno in a truly unique way – with flying octopuses and naked turtles thrown into the mix! 

Players have to think strategically as they strive to solve the mystery pets. You must participate in shady activities, including stealing, taking, showing, sneaking a peek, exposing, ambushing, stopping other players, grabbing, and even throwing (on occasion) octopuses at an opponent – all on your way toward victory! As the game progresses, tension increases as players come ever closer to solving the mystery pets while competing for points.

Shady Pets makes for an excellent gift for any special occasion, especially as it can be enjoyed with 2-5 players aged 7 years old or more. Each package comes with 84 cards; scoresheets; a snazzy box; cardholders and instructions - everything you need to start playing instantly! 

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy now - this is one hot item that won’t stay stocked on shelves for long!

  • Boost your strategic thinking skills in an enjoyable and competitive environment.
  • Enjoy hours of fun with family, friends, or colleagues - suitable for 2-5 players aged 7 or older.
  • Feel the thrill as you progress through the game, with increasing tension between players.
  • Makes a great gift - each package comes complete with everything you need to start playing instantly.
  • Play the hottest card game on the market right now - over 30,000 copies sold.
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