Ravioli Spoon Rest

  • $12.60

Rest your spoon on a piece of Ravioli that fell out of your pot.  From a distance it looks like you actually dropped a  piece of ravioli and now are cleverly using it as a spoon rest.  It will complement your kitchen decor perfectly.  It looks like it belongs there without the mess. It sits flat on your counter top so that you don't have to wrestle with the spoon trying to balance it on something.  It will keep your countertops clean and neat so that you don't have to constantly wipe them down.  It is made of stain-resistant silicone to preserve the look and the feel of the ravioli design.  Great to show off your love of everyone's favorite stuffed pasta with this hilariously over-sized billowy spoon rest.  Perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook and keep their kitchen tidy.

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