Office Nap Chair

  • $290.28

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This Reclining Office Chair Is For Napping On The Job. Lol, this Chair for Sleepy Workers. It’s a reclining office chair for napping on the job! And to think all this time I could have been sleeping at my desk out in the open! Black is a must-have for your office decor. Crafted with strong feet and carpet casters, the Merax managers chair is extremely sturdy and can freely move on carpet or tile floors. With its glossy appearance and urban look, it adds style to your office. The luxurious bonded leather upholstery offers long-lasting comfort at the back for a snug fit, for a refreshed and relaxed feel. The Merax managers chair has a user-friendly design that features movable lumbar support that properly aligns your back and reduces extreme strain on your back and shoulders. The convenient seat height adjustments further enhance the chairs comfortable build. Pneumatic seat height adjustment movable lumbar support.