Nerf Blaster

  • $14.99
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Shoot up to six darts in a row with this super-quick draw Nerf blaster which can fire darts up to 90 feet. It also features a flip-open rotating barrel for super simple and fast dart loading. This nerf blaster is perfectly summed up as being powerful, lightweight and super accurate. It has an incredible 90 feet range and doesn't jam up like other blasters can, plus it can also be used with third party darts if you already have darts from your previous battles.

This blaster also features rapid fire blasting which means you can slam fire all 6 darts in quick succession at your intended target as you hold down the trigger.

Perfect for ages 8 - 800, this Nerf blaster is ready for action and comes with 6 official Nerf darts so you're instantly prepared for any Nerf battles that come your way. Let the games begin!


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