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Make waves with these Tiki ice pop silicone molds.

Make waves with these Tiki ice pop silicone molds.

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Perfect for aspiring tropical lovers, these unique molds will splash your taste buds and make a big impression. The simple-to-use silicone molds come in four vibrant designs, with the distinctive tiki masks looking like a mix of tradition and celebration. From detailed faces to bamboo-inspired sticks, every single ice pop will look as amazing as it tastes.

Mix up any favorite combination of flavors—blend fruit juices, yogurt, veggies, smoothies, ice cream, and more. Then, pour the mixture into each mold, put them in the freezer overnight, and enjoy perfectly formed creations! 

With these tiki ice pop silicone molds, you’ll be transported to a sweet tropical paradise with every bite – all while taking advantage of their BPA-free and dishwasher-safe features. 

So why wait? Get yourself the tiki ice pop silicone molds now and explore your creative side while enjoying tasty snacks!

  • Novelty: These molds will stand out at your next party or gathering. Who doesn't love Tiki masks?
  • Easy to use: Pour in your favorite concoction, freeze overnight, and you're good to go!
  • Variety of uses: Not just for ice pops, these molds can also be used for yogurt, smoothies, and more.
  • Fun designs: The four different tiki masks add a fun touch to any frozen treat.
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