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Love Fortune Cookies

Love Fortune Cookies

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Surprise him or her with a wonderful box of Love Fortune Cookies which contain love filled messages in each and every delicious chocolate covered cookie. These sweet and crunchy love fortune cookies come in a charming red box with the Chinese character for 'Love' printed on the front of it. Each box contains 6 individually wrapped milk chocolate fortune cookies and each cookie contains a message of love inside it.

Only high quality chocolate is used on these cookies making them oh so creamy and the cookie itself is so munchy crunchy you are going to want more than just one box.

Examples of the love fortunes inside are;
- Couples who love each other say a thousand things without talking.
- This week will be full of romantic surprises.
- The strength of love lies in its reciprocity.

Brighten someone's day today with these beautiful love fortune cookies which are perfect for your spouse, partner or someone who means a whole lot of something to you.

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