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Kids Animal Footprint Sandals

Kids Animal Footprint Sandals

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Your kids will certainly be leaving some interesting prints in the beach sand with these Kids Animal Footprint Sandals. These colorful wooden designer sandals are perfect for the beach and come in five versions, each with their own color and creature "footprint". 

Choose from an orange monkey, a yellow owl, a pink cat, a blue gecko, or even a prehistoric turquoise Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Each has its own distinct markings, from a cat's paw to the unique splayed foot of a gecko. There are also four different sizes so kids of all ages will be able to enjoy making surprising footprints in the sand!

・XS: 80 x 160mm (3.1 x 6.3")
・S: 90 x 180mm (3.5 x 7.1")
・M: 100 x 200mm (3.9 x 7.9")
・L: 110 x 220mm (4.3 x 8.7")

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