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Japanese Candy Kits

Japanese Candy Kits

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These Japanese Candy Kits are a fun and creative way for kids to make delicious, edible candies. These DIY candy kits are so simple to use all you need is water to whip up mini sweet and savoury delights like burgers, fries, sushi, sodas, cakes and donuts plus many more tasty micro-dishes. These kits also only use natural colors and no preservatives.

There are 9 different cooking sets in this pack so get creative with your kids and enjoy making colorful candies with these incredibly entertaining and hands on candy kits. Fun guaranteed!

The 9 kits included are as follows:

1 Sushi House Kit
1 Hamburger Kit
1 Donuts Kit
1 Bento Kit
1 Decoration Cake Kit
1 Nerican Land Kit
1 Cake Shop Kit
1 Takoyaki Kit
1 Oekaki Gummy Land Kit

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