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Incredible Wireless Earbuds

Incredible Wireless Earbuds

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These incredible wireless earbuds are the total package and a true game changer for wireless earbud lovers. Enjoy freedom from tangled wires forever with these bluetooth earbuds which last for over 8 hours of playtime on a single charge and 24 additional hours in the compact charging case. You can even use it without charge for three or more days with an average listen of 10 hours per day. Plus a super quick 2 hour charge will give you all day playback - now that is so serious lasting power right there.

These superior stereo earbuds also feature the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology and deliver beautifully balanced base and crystal-clear treble for an amazing music experience. Bluetooth 5.0 can quadruple the range of its predecessor which means you can be a fair distance away from your smartphone without losing any connectivity. You'll also enjoy twice the speed of data transfer compared to previous versions.

The best feature about these wireless earbuds are the silicone ear clips which keeps the buds secure in your ears even if your doing rigorous exercise such as jogging or bouncing around at the gym. The 45 degree angled buds naturally lay in your ear canals for a tight, safe, fit and are designed for comfortable wearing.

These wireless earbuds are also sweat-proof and water-proof so rain, sweat or shine, these buds can be taken with you anyway at anytime whether listening to music, watching a movie, playing games or working out at the gym.

Grab yourself a pair today and free your life from wire tangles.

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